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Emily Atack announces she's taking break from social media after 'hell of a year'

Emily Atack announces she's taking break from social media after 'hell of a year'

The actress and comedian told fans she is taking a hiatus from the internet.

Emily Atack has announced she is stepping away from social media after a 'hell of a year'.

The actor and TV personality has been staying under the radar over recent weeks and has noticeably been inactive on her online profiles where she normally enjoys keeping in touch with fans.

Whether she's taking the p*ss out of herself, posting a stunning selfie or sharing an anecdote from her hectic day, Emily is usually a regular social media user.

But fans spotted that she seemed to be taking a hiatus from her internet presence, with the last post on her Instagram dating back to seven weeks ago from when she was holidaying in Italy.

The Inbetweeners star, 34, made a brief return to social media on Tuesday to thank her supporters and pals for sending her birthday wishes as she celebrated another year around the sun on 18 December.

She shared a snap of herself sticking her tongue out and had a message to share with her 1.9 million followers.

Emily told fans she is taking a break from social media.

Emily wrote: "Thanks for the birthday love yesterday, everybody.

"I've been quiet on here recently and focusing on actual real life, working hard and having some time away from social after a helluva year."

I think we can all catch her drift - it has been a mad 12 months.

But don't be following suit and deleting all of your accounts just yet, as the comedian revealed it isn't a permanent pause.

She added: "But I'll be back properly soon.

"Hope you are all living your best hungover lives and getting ready for the family rows and deflated wobbly blow up beds."

Emily Atack said she was stepping back from social media.

In January this year, Emily revealed that she had her Instagram account suspended after she called out a string of weirdos in her DMs sending her sexually explicit messages.

The former Celebrity Juice star would sometimes take screenshots of the most ridiculous messages she has been sent (often accompanied by a d**k pic) and post them to her story to ask blokes not to be so repulsive.

She previously told LADbible: "I think that what I tend to do with everything is throw humour at it.

The Brit star says she has been 'focusing on actual real life'.

"It was a cry for help, really, I was trying to show people what I was experiencing without saying, ‘Please, can someone help me, I'm struggling'.

"So I put it out there. Because I feel like people respond well to humour."

Despite the disturbing content she is constantly sent, Emily explained she was penalised by Instagram for sharing it.

"My account was suspended for a couple of days because I put the content up," she continued.

"It just seems that when it comes to women's rights, women's safety, and violence against women, it's put to the back of the pile."

She produced a hard hitting BBC documentary titled Emily Atack: Asking For It? exploring why she is sexually harassed online on a daily basis and to understand why the blame for unwanted sexual attention is so often put on the victim.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@emilyatack

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