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Gordon Ramsay roasted over ‘least relatable story’ ever about how he got his first flat

Gordon Ramsay roasted over ‘least relatable story’ ever about how he got his first flat

The celebrity chef's "Rags to riches" story is being lapped up online

Gordon Ramsay’s back on the roasting block. And not the kitchen kind, the far hotter, more brutal kind.

The X (formerly Twitter) oven of roasting. The celebrity chef is getting absolutely slammed over his telling of the ‘least relatable story’ ever.

Ramsay is the upcoming guest on The High Performance Podcast hosted by Jake Humphrey and Professor Damian Hughes.

And Humphrey decided to tease a little clip of his episode to the social media site with the caption: “Out on Monday… on the High Performance Podcast…”

Unsurprisingly, he’s just released Ramsay to the dogs. And they’re coming at him thick and fast.

In the clip, the Hell’s Kitchen star seems to be telling the story of how he and now-wife Tana got their first flat.

Gordon and Tana now have five children together.
Jeff Spicer/Getty

Ramsay says: “We were young, we were stupid and we were skint. I remember going to ask her father if I could borrow 20 grand for the deposit for a flat that we fell in love with.”

Yeah, so that seems semi-relatable for now. I mean the ‘skint’ part and having to ask to borrow money in general.

Ramsay thought it was all going fine when he took his father-in-law for lunch and asked for the cash.

He said they had half and promised to pay him in back in a year.

But then the bloke came in with the slam: “Ok, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll have another lunch with you, when you sell your Porsche.”

Young chef Ramsay couldn’t believe it as he thought ‘you f**ker, you clever f**ker’.

The chef was driving round in a ‘flash f**king nine eleven’ when he ‘didn’t have a roof over our heads’.

“It was the best advice he ever gave me, ‘sell your f**king Porsche’. I did sell it.

“And 10 years later I went and bought it back… Same f**king car.”

Oh, the struggle of having to sell your Porsche to be able to borrow a couple more grand to buy your own flat.

Users wrote: “Has there ever been a less relatable story?”

Nowadays Gordon is a globally famous chef with a string of TV shows.
John Lamparski/Getty Images for Empire State Realty Trust

Another says that, while Ramsay says he was ‘skint’, there’s also: “How casually he mentions that they’d already saved £20,000 themselves and he’d only need a year to pay it back. It’s basically a story about a man who buys a Porsche twice.”

Others joked: “Wow that’s so motivational. I’ve just sold my Porsche after watching this.”

And another joked: “Rags to riches story.”

Many also put: “I gave up Netflix and stopped eating Avocado and now I have to sell my Porsche as well?! This country.”

One user did point out: “Obviously taken a short clip from a long conversation so not taking too much from it…

“But imagine having a Porsche and then the cheek to ask your father-in-law for £20k.”

Featured Image Credit: High Performance Podcast

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