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Video of Miley Cyrus' bodyguard at Grammys sparks debate after fans ask to 'pay close attention'

Video of Miley Cyrus' bodyguard at Grammys sparks debate after fans ask to 'pay close attention'

It wasn't just her see-through dress getting all the attention

This year’s Grammy Awards was filled with viral moments from fashion and performances to reactions and backstage moments.

But one thing getting a lot of attention on social media is a simple video of Miley Cyrus walking down the red carpet with her bodyguard.

Watch here:

In the clip, the ‘Flowers’ singer struts her stuff on the Grammys red carpet as she waves to fans in a golden see-through dress.

And yet despite this jaw-dropping fashion moment, the video is going viral as it’s caused a bit of a debate with users saying to ‘pay close attention’ to the star’s bodyguard.

He’s walking alongside Cyrus with a large umbrella held in his hand closest to the singer, with his index finger flat on top of it.

Some users are saying ‘all is not as it seems’ in the video as they speculate over his presence and the umbrella.

A lot of users on X suggest that it’s concealing a ‘firearm’ and claim it’s a ‘assault umbrella’.

People are debating the bodyguard.

Another even speculates that his ‘left arm is longer than right arm’ and it’s a ‘gimmick’ as they claim: “Real weapon concealed by the black coat. Oldest trick in bodyguard book.”

Although, the arm length could just appear like this while he walks.

And some simply write: “Bullet proof shield or concealed firearm.”

But others simply say" “Being a full time conspiracy theorist must be exhausting.”

And some point out: “It has been raining in that area I believe so an umbrella shouldn’t be all that surprising.”

Another joked: “They were expecting lots of rain in California. Crazy to have an umbrella.”

Plenty said he’s just ‘doing his job’ as they say the area was being ‘deluged with rain’.

Many pointed out the forecasted rain.

And while many were distracted by what her bodyguard was doing alongside her, her dress still gained a lot of attention as fans wrote: “THE BADDEST.”

Many called it her ‘best look ever’.

During the awards last night (4 February), Cyrus picked up her first two Grammys ever.

The former Hannah Montana star was awarded song of the year and best pop solo performance, both for the banger ‘Flowers’.

Performing the song live for the first time on the night, she even spiced up the lyrics a little: “I didn't want to leave you (but I did) / I didn't want to fight (but we did) / Started to cry but then remembered... I just won my very first Grammy!"

And in another viral move, she ended with a mic drop.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/GRAMMYs

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