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Jake Humphrey opens up about 'great time' living in flat where he shared bed with Holly Willoughby

Jake Humphrey opens up about 'great time' living in flat where he shared bed with Holly Willoughby

Humphrey made his name in the world of children's TV with Holly.

Jake Humphrey has spoken about what it was like to live with Holly Willoughby for months while the pair were an on screen duo on TV.

While he's now more likely to be seen hosting a sports show or his own podcast the streets won't forget the good old days of Bamzooki.

Before he made the move into sports broadcasting he made his name in the world of children's TV, and sparked up a double act with Willoughby.

The two of them ended up working together, living together and even sleeping in the same bed, though Humphrey is adamant that 'nothing ever happened' and he wouldn't have done anything because at the time he was in a relationship with his future wife Harriet.

Speaking on the Road to Success podcast, Humphrey explained how he ended up sharing a flat and a bed with Willoughby.

Jake Humphrey and Holly Willoughby used to live together.
David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images

"That children's TV journey was a wild ride, I ended up hosting Fame Academy's spin off on kid's telly with Holly Willoughby," Humphrey said.

"I loved working with Holly, we were like brother and sister. We stayed together when we were working together, she lived in Brighton so she just stayed at my flat for a few months at a time, it was incredible."

Humphrey went on to explain that the BBC offered to hire the two of them together for kid's TV, and that the deal was for both of them.

He accepted right away, but Willoughby wanted time to think about it and then told Jake she was leaving the BBC and joining ITV.

Luckily for him it didn't impair his career much as he went on to get plenty of other work.

Humphrey insisted that 'nothing happened' between them.
James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images

This sleeping arrangement once came up while Humphrey and Willoughby were both appearing on Play to the Whistle.

Holly explained that they'd stayed together while they were working alongside each other, and Jake surprised the audience when he just blurted out 'we shared a bed'.

Willoughby fired back that they never did and she 'slept on your floor instead', with Humphrey saying that had happened 'for a bit' but eventually they 'couldn't be bothered to get the mattress out if you remember, so you just piled in'.

Recently Humphrey was on the receiving end of some fire from Jamie Oliver, who was responding to a request to go on The High Performance Podcast.

Humphrey had recorded a message as he said he'd tried to get Oliver on his podcast 'about 50 times', with the celebrity chef's answer on whether' he'd go on being a simple and clear 'absolutely not'.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Road To Success Official Podcast | Ben Fowler BBC

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