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Jeremy Clarkson hits out at backlash to new show about ‘human meat’

Jeremy Clarkson hits out at backlash to new show about ‘human meat’

Gregg Wallace made a show about 'human meat' and it's put some people off

Jeremy Clarkson has hit out at the backlash against the recent Gregg Wallace show The British Miracle Meat.

In the Channel 4 show, the Masterchef star visited a food factory and had a meal made from 'human meat' after being told that burgers, steaks and sausages could be created from human cells.

Apparently, you could buy a steak for as little as 99p and it could be the wonder food to combat the cost of living crisis.

Except the whole thing was a joke on this very subject but apparently some people watching didn't quite seem to understand that.

Somehow, some viewers didn't understand that a show that saw Wallace visit a retired woman named Gillian who'd supposedly sold her leg for £200 for meat to pay her energy bills wasn't actually depicting real life events.

Gregg Wallace pictured with some 'human meat' which was obviously (to most) not actually from humans.
Channel 4

This led to a bit of a backlash from people who branded Gregg Wallace: Britain's Miracle Meat 'gross' and questioned 'what the F is the world coming to'.

We're just hoping that among those slating the show on social media, there weren't any who were surprisingly enthusiastic to hop onto the 'miracle meat' bandwagon before realising it was a joke.

Anyhow, the backlash prompted a response from TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson in his latest column for The Sun where he complained about a bunch of topics including the explodability of electric cars, Just Stop Oil and Greta Thunberg - before rounding the column off with a dig at the backlash.

He wrote: "How could they be so daft? Obviously we can’t eat humans because, as a rule, we don’t tend to eat anything that eats meat.

"That’s why we don’t eat dogs or cats or hyenas. But we do eat sheep and cows and pigs and, if you’re French, horses."

"How could they be so daft?" Clarkson wondered.
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Clarkson ended his column by joking that, since vegetarians don't eat meat, it 'kind of makes them eligible'.

Quite how much of this is Clarkson's own opinion and how much is for the consumption of The Sun readers is anyone's guess, but just as Gregg Wallace's mockumentary wasn't serious we can probably assume that the former Top Gear presenter isn't suggesting we eat vegetarians.

Thankfully, there were plenty of viewers of Gregg Wallace: Britain's Miracle Meat who twigged that the show was a joke, even if some admitted it 'had me for the first 10-15 mins'.

If you want to see it for yourself it's available on All4/4oD/whatever Channel 4 is currently calling their streaming service these days.

Featured Image Credit: Jeff Spicer/Getty Images/Channel 4

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