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Jim Carrey once lined up a joke then waited two decades to tell the punchline

Jim Carrey once lined up a joke then waited two decades to tell the punchline

The actor sure knows how to play the long game.

Waiting for the punchline is the name of the American band Extreme's fourth album which was released in 1995, as well as being something that fans of Jim Carrey are very used to.

That's because the comedian made his supporters wait nearly two decades to hear the ending of one of his jokes. Take a look at this:

The Dumb and Dumber star, 52, expertly planted a pun in one of his TV appearances which he knew would come in handy a fair few years down the line.

Diehard fans of the comedy legend may have picked up on the fact that he orchestrated the long-drawn-out wisecrack all the way back in 2004, during an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

But a lot of people might have overlooked it seen as though he turned up with an uncharacteristically shaved head.

When he was quizzed about the buzz cut, Carrey hilariously said: "I have to change my look all the time because, you know, I'm in show business, you've got to keep fresh. I'm kind of thought of as the 'Madonna in comedy'."

He went on to discuss how he is 'always reinventing' himself, which I can imagine a lot of actors do due to the multiple personalities they have to play on screen.

Jim Carrey set up the start of his joke way back in 2004.

The Yes Man actor then added: "So that someday, I can look out at that crowd and go, 'I'm sixty and sexy'."

If you weren't aware, Carrey celebrated his 60th birthday on 17 January, 2022 - and you can take a wild guess about how he marked the occasion.

Despite 18-years having passed, he proved his mind is still ticking over nicely and that he never forgot his pledge to his future self.

On his birthday, he did his best 'old man' impression and stared straight into his phone's camera while saying: "I'm sixty and sexy. And tonight I'm having creamed corn and strained peaches."

Carrey likes to play the long game, that's for sure.

Fans of the star hadn't forgotten about his 2004 vow either and went wild when he originally shared the follow up clip.

He finally delivered the punchline on his 60th birthday.
X/Jim Carrey

One said: "This man planned this moment for literal decades AND delivered," while another wrote: "MY MAN WAS SETTING UP FOR THIS JOKE FOR 20 YEARS."

And a third added: "No wonder he's my favourite actor."

Others couldn't believe Carrey had even turned 60, saying that he has 'barely changed' since 2004.

One person joked: "He's 60 and still looking better than me."

Another chimed in: "He kept his promise!"

While a third commented: "Bro's a fine wine, he only gets better with age."

I wonder what Carrey has got on the cards for his 70th?

Featured Image Credit: CBS YouTube/Jim Carrey

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