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Fans label Machine Gun Kelly 'embarrassing' following savage Martin Brundle moment

Fans label Machine Gun Kelly 'embarrassing' following savage Martin Brundle moment

The musician ended up walking away from his live chat with Martin Brundle

Yesterday’s F1 Sunday (5 November) may have brought another win for Max Verstappen but it also brought yet another awkward grid moment.

Martin Brundle was out doing his live grid walk for Sky Sports at the Brazilian Grand Prix when he ended up engaged in a painful chat with Machine Gun Kelly.

And it’s ended with the star being labelled ‘embarrassing’ by fans online.

The American rapper seemed happy to chat with the presenter, but it just got more awkward as it went on – especially as he wished the musician ‘good luck with whatever you do’.

After chatting about one another’s ‘business’, MGK seemed to be more interested in asking the British former racing driver for his ‘best air guitar’.

Brundle told him a few times that he couldn’t but he ‘learned the piano once’, which didn’t help his attempt to wrap up the chat.

“Let’s do an air piano and air guitar collaboration right now,” Kelly said.

However, it became a bit savage as the Brit tried to explain he ‘probably needs to get on’ as he was reporting live, much to the disappointment of the musician - who was dressed head to toe in bright yellow.

It's painful to watch.
Sky Sports

And so, instead of saying goodbye, the musician just stomped off giving the camera big thumbs down.

Brundle was left to walk away himself, still live, joking: “Something tells me I won’t be on his Christmas list.”

Reacting to the video shared on X, users called it: “THE MOST awkwaaarrd interview EVEEEEERRRRR.”

Although because of that, others also say it’s ‘Martin’s best grid walk interview ever’.

With one writing: “When Brundle retires this is gonna be in his ‘best bits’ montage.”

Another user even put: “Can’t stand Machine Gun Kelly well played Martin Brundle.”

MGK was more interested in playing 'air guitar'.
Sky Sports

As another said it’s ‘embarrassing for MGK’ and one agreed: “The cringiest of cringe,” while plenty also called it ‘painful to watch’.

LADbible has contacted MGK's reps for comment.

And fans will now this kind of thing isn’t exactly a rarity for Brundle, with his encounter with Cara Delevingne back in July also being particularly memorable.

Trying to get the model for the all-important interview, he politely asked if she could stop for a quick chat.

However, it took a toe-curling turn as Delevingne shook her head and gently refused.

With her voice drowned out by the mingling crowd, Brundle then pointedly responded: “Well the deal is everyone has to speak on the grid."

As Delevingne then complains she can’t hear anything, the presenter then moves away and savagely mutters: “All right, well I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting.”

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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