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Machine Gun Kelly responds to backlash after 'embarrassing' Martin Brundle interview

Machine Gun Kelly responds to backlash after 'embarrassing' Martin Brundle interview

The rapper had a pretty 'painful' chat with Brundle on the grid yesterday

Machine Gun Kelly responded to the backlash for his 'embarrassing' interview yesterday (5 November).

The American rapper had a rather ‘painful’ chat with Martin Brundle at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

The British former racing driver was doing his usual live grid walk for Sky Sports when he ended up stopping Kelly for a chat.

And the whole thing got more and more awkward with a pretty savage end, with Formula 1 fans labelling the star ‘embarrassing’ and ‘cringe’.

The pair chatted about one another’s ‘business’ with Brundle wishing the musician ‘good luck with whatever you do’ – an immediate ouch.

MGK was most interested, however, in asking the presenter for his ‘best air guitar’.

Seeming to try and wrap it up, Brundle told him he couldn’t but he ‘learned the piano once’ – not helping himself out.

“Let’s do an air piano and air guitar collaboration right now,” Kelly said.

It's a little painful to watch.
Sky Sports

Things got a little savage as the Brit explained he ‘probably needs to get on’, signalling that he was reporting live on camera and the rapper ended up walking off and giving the camera a thumbs down.

Users on X called the exchange ‘awkward’, slamming it as ‘embarrassing for MGK’ and ‘the cringiest of cringe’.

With some calling it the ‘worst’ interview, Kelly took to X to respond to criticism.

The star replied: “My vibe is 'the worst' how? Because someone put a microphone in my face essentially forcing me to do a random interview when I was just trying to enjoy an event?

“Because car engines were so loud I couldn’t hear him? Please tell me more about why I’m the worst.”

MGK was more interested in playing 'air guitar'.
Sky Sports

In another tweet late last night, he also wrote: “My anxiety has won. I hate being in public.”

As Kelly faces backlash for the exchange, his fans flooded him with support as they wrote: “Kells we love you. It’s no biggie.”

Another put: “We love you, Kells. Take a time for you, people are horrible sometimes. We wish we could protect you from this cruel world.”

And others reassured him his vibe isn’t the ‘worst’ as they wrote: “Are you kidding me. Your vibe is ecstasy. Always.”

With users sharing the viral clip online, MGK replied to one saying: "And u posted this pointless video why?"

Fans told him he was 'gracious' in the interview and 'did not do anything wrong'.

LADbible has contacted Machine Gun Kelly's team for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Sky Sports

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