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12-year-old millionaire goes shopping for new car and picks a very expensive Range Rover

12-year-old millionaire goes shopping for new car and picks a very expensive Range Rover

Pixie Curtis has posted a photo of herself looking at a Range Rover Vogue in Singapore.

Pixie Curtis has just picked herself up a brand new Range Rover.

The 12-year-old daughter of PR guru Roxy Jacenko has been on the hunt for a new car since the family relocated to Singapore last week.

Over the weekend, Pixie, who is already a millionaire thanks to a company she started with her mum, posted a photo of herself checking out a new Range Rover on Instagram.

"New car game strong - pre delivery viewing," the 12-year-old wrote in the caption.

Pixie, who obviously won't be driving the car herself, was looking at a Range Rover Vogue, which is valued at an average of $172,370 to $250,360.

However, due to Singapore's rules on car ownership and taxes, the cost of driving that vehicle around could be even higher.

Roxy announced in June that she was planning to move with the kids to Singapore to be with her husband Oliver, who has been working there.

The mum-of-two previously admitted she had thought about divorcing her 37-year-old husband when he first got the job in Singapore.

Speaking to The Kyle And Jackie O Show, she explained he'd spent years splitting his time between Sydney and Tasmania for his previous job.

"I basically said to Ollie, 'look, you go to Singapore and I'll stay here'. And he's like, 'well, I don't know if that will work'. And I was like, 'well, it's worked for the last five years'," she said.

Oliver then told her he needed to be a Singaporean citizen for his job.

"I was like, 'Ok, well then what's my option?' He goes, 'oh, we have to get divorced'," she told the radio hosts.

"I'm good with that. So just give me the paperwork, I'll sign the paperwork we can get divorced. You do your job there and I'll stay here. And we'll visit'," she continued.

However, Roxy eventually decided to move the entire family over.

"It's time. They need a dad around, and because he's never here... like, he comes [back home to Sydney] like two days at a time," she said.

The Sweaty Betty founder, Pixie, and her younger brother Hunter, spent their last few nights in Sydney at the Crown hotel after packing up their $16 million Vaucluse mansion, which sold last month.

Last week, Roxy posted a photo of herself on a plane, sitting in first class, along with the caption: "end of an era".

The 43-year-old has said she's excited about how different her life will be in Singapore.

"No one has any preconceived idea of who or what I am, no one has any expectation, and best of all, no one actually cares!" she told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"In Singapore it was a matter of 'Roxy who?' I actually found it really refreshing and a bit liberating."

Pixie's French Bulldog, Minnie Curtis, has also been flown over to Singapore to join the pre-teen in her new life.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Pixie Curtis.

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