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Rebel Wilson fans stunned after hearing her siblings' names

Rebel Wilson fans stunned after hearing her siblings' names

The Aussie brood have some pretty unusual monikers between them

You might think you are pretty clued up on some celebrities after stalking their Instagram and reading their Wikipedia page, but you don't know the half of it if you haven't taken a look at their family tree too.

How do you reckon people found out that Billy Ray Cyrus was actually Miley's dad? Or that Skepta and JME were brothers? You've got to do some digging.

It seems that no one bothered doing their due diligence when it came to Rebel Wilson's family until now though, as fans can't believe the names of her three beloved siblings.

Social media users have since turned their attention to the Australian star's parents, as they want to find out how a couple named Sue and Jack came up with such unique monikers for each of their children.

Rebel previously laughed: "People ask if my parents are hippies, but they’re actually very conservative."

The professional dog handlers and breeders somehow managed to rustle up three other interesting names to rival Rebel's iconic moniker, which all follow the same unusual theme.

Rebel seen with her sister Liberty.
Don Arnold/WireImage

She has a sister named Liberty, a brother called Ryot and another sister called Annachi - so see what you can deduce from that first.

Rebel herself was actually born Melanie Elizabeth Wilson, although her mum had called her Rebel for the first six weeks of her life until she 'bent to the pressure' of other family members and swapped it for a more 'suitable name'.

The Bridesmaids star explained that a girl called Rebel sang at her parent's wedding, which is where the idea for her notorious name came from - on top of the abiding by the theme of names which could be fit for a queen.

"My three siblings and I all have middle names after English royalty," Rebel revealed. "Mine is Elizabeth, which is what I was known as at school."

So, let's have a look at her siblings - the second oldest of the brood, Liberty Mair, 41, is named after the British department store Liberty London - and she loves it so much, she celebrated her 40th birthday there.

She is also a huge fan of the family naming tradition and 'wanted to keep it going' by calling her own children unique monikers - such as 'Disney'.

Anyway, Liberty ended up calling her daughter Sovereign instead, which is a lot more in sync with the UK.

The star also has sister Annachi and brother Ryot.

Rebel's younger brother has the name Ryot - which is obviously a play on the word 'Riot'.

He once competed on The Amazing Race Australia with Liberty, but the siblings were the first team to be eliminated.

And last but not least is the baby of the Wilson bunch, 32-year-old Annachi.

Although her real name is actually Annaleise, she prefers to go by her unusual nickname which is similar to the word 'anarchy' - which alongside Ryot and Rebel, makes for a pretty mad mix - we just need a 'Rampage' for a full house.

Pitch Perfect star Rebel welcomed her daughter Royce Lillian Elizabeth Wilson with her fiancée, Ramona Agruma, in November 2022, so it seems the A-lister is also keeping up the fancy naming tradition too.

According to People, she said: "I wanted an original name starting with the letter ‘R’ so eventually landed on that one."

After finding out the names of the actor's siblings, fans have flocked to X to share their thoughts, with some dubbing the Wilsons the 'best named family ever'. Which means Kris Jenner is crying somewhere now.

One person wrote: "Rebel Wilson's siblings names are so interesting."

Another said: Liberty, Anarchy & Riot are the names of Rebel Wilson’s siblings. How f***** badass is that family?"

A third commented: "Excuse me, Rebel Wilson’s siblings are called what now? Damn, I wanna meet those parents."

And a fourth wrote: "How COOL are their parents though! Wow."

Featured Image Credit: Don Arnold/WireImage/Getty/Rebelwilson/Instagram

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