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Ricky Gervais takes brutally honest swipe at Jamie Oliver’s Christmas dinner tip

Ricky Gervais takes brutally honest swipe at Jamie Oliver’s Christmas dinner tip

The comedian took a dig at Jamie Oliver's Christmas recipe

We’re getting so close to Christmas that you can just about taste the turkey.

There’s a lot of preparation that goes into a Christmas dinner, like making sure that your spuds are crispy, your carrots are glazed and that the star of the show (the turkey of course) is cooked to perfection.

But even if you’re a renowned chef, there’s always someone who isn’t going to like your technique.

Enter in comedian Ricky Gervais on the latest episode of The Graham Norton Show (8 December).

Joined on the sofa with Jamie Oliver, Paapa Essiedu and Julianne Moore, Gervais wasn’t too keen on the chef’s turkey demonstration during a segment to promote his Jamie’s Christmas Shortcuts TV special.

But why wasn’t he impressed?

Ricky Gervais doesn't see the point in Jamie Oliver's Christmas dinner hack.
The Graham Norton Show/ BBC

Well, during the clip, Oliver secured a bay leaf to a clementine using a clove and microwaved his creation so that it was hot before whacking it inside of the uncooked turkey.

This is something that is supposed to give the bird a nice flavour during the baking process.

Norton was pretty enthusiastic about it, saying: “I mean, we’re doing that; we’re all doing that!”

But the comedian was less than impressed.

He responded: “Sorry, how is that a recipe?”

“Stick an orange, up a turkey’s a***. How is that a recipe?”

Gervais wasn't so impressed by the hack.

But Oliver took it in good fun, laughing with the comedian who asked: “Was that an outtake?”

Though that doesn’t necessarily means he agreed with the flack.

Oliver went on to say: “Basically, when you’re roasting a turkey, which is quite a hard thing to cook... It’s always about hot airflow to make it cook nicely.

“So, if you get a nice citrus – what is the citrus of Christmas? Clementine. Bit of clove and bay – in the microwave, up the jacksie, then you’re cooking in the inside and the outside.

“And its spritzing it with the scent of Christmas.”

This explanation seemed to create even more giggles from Gervais who burst out laughing.

Oliver took it in good turn though.
The Graham Norton Show/ BBC

‘I’m just turning into a cartoon of myself,’ Oliver said.

Though Gervais is notorious for poking fun at anyone he can and it’s generally harmless, it appears that there were no hard feelings on the chef’s end.

But Oliver did go on to explain his dislikes, namely fictional chefs on TV after explaining his recent stint of watching The Bear.

He said: “I’ve got to get back into The Bear. I watched the first two [episodes] – and I know it’s brilliant, everyone keeps telling me how brilliant it is – but I watched the first two and I’m like, ‘He can’t chop.’

“They just jump cut it and cut around it.

“And they often get extras in the background that are actors not chefs, even though they’ve got no lines.

"But they’re just touching it all wrong and sort of bashing it all wrong... Yeah, it does wind me up.”

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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