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Scarlett Johansson went to extreme lengths to keep Ryan Reynolds wedding a secret

Scarlett Johansson went to extreme lengths to keep Ryan Reynolds wedding a secret

The showbiz couple got hitched in a private ceremony in 2008 and Johansson was keen to keep it far away from prying eyes.

A veil wasn't going to cut it for Scarlett Johansson on her wedding day - she needed a tent over her head to get an ounce of privacy.

Helicopters swooping over while she said 'I do' to Hollywood favourite Ryan Reynolds should have been expected to some degree.

But she still pulled out all the stops to keep their 2008 wedding as secretive as she could.

The two actors got hitched in a private ceremony on Vancouver Island after a whirlwind romance.

They first began dating back in 2007, shortly after Reynolds called off his engagement with singer-songwriter, Alanis Morisette.

Just 12 months later, it was revealed that the Deadpool star had got down on one knee once again and popped the question to Johansson.

They were both 'thrilled' to get wed and managed to pull it off just four-months after their nuptials were announced.

As well as the usual pressures of organising a wedding, Johansson had the burden of being a celebrity bride.

At the time, the world was desperate for a scoop on the showbiz couple and the details of their big day.

The Black Widow actress said she made it her 'mission to have a moment of privacy' when she was at the altar with Reynolds.

The showbiz couple got hitched in a private ceremony on Vancouver Island.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

During an appearance on Late Night With David Letterman, she dished the dirt on the extreme lengths she went to for a covert ceremony.

Johansson told the talk show host: "I never thought that I'd be planning my wedding in like a dark alley somewhere but it turned out that way.

"It was really quite secretive. I felt like I was doing a drug deal without all the... fun," she joked.

"I got married in a very remote part of Canada. There were bears and whales and eagles. It was just like Avatar."

But traipsing to Vancouver Island did little to deter paparazzi, who were taking snaps from helicopters flying overhead.

Although they didn't spoil her day, I'm sure it still stung after all the effort she had put in to make it a secretive affair.

Speaking of stings - Samuel L. Jackson recently revealed he gifted the pair '10lbs of bees' for their wedding.

Johansson said she had to plan their nuptials in clandestine locations.
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The 74-year-old said Reynolds was 'always talking about nature' on set while they were filming The Spirit in 2008, so he decided to give the actor the buzz he was apparently craving.

"I had my assistant go out and buy 10lbs of bees and then I bought them bee suits and the whole thing," Jackson told Vulture.

"They kept bees for a while. They got honey for a couple of years while they were married. And then one day the bees abandoned the hive or they abandoned the queen or some s***."

Similarly, Johansson and Reynolds abandoned ship less than two years after they tied the knot in 2010.

Despite divorcing, the pair remain on great terms and don't have a bad word to say about each other, with Johansson describing her ex-husband as a 'good guy'.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

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