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Steve Irwin 'fixing' broken finger shows the man was just built different

Steve Irwin 'fixing' broken finger shows the man was just built different

A resurfaced clip shows how he calmly deals with a broken bone

A resurfaced clip of Steve Irwin calmly dealing with a broken finger without making a fuss has got fans reminiscing about the ‘special person’ that he was.

Irwin found fame with The Crocodile Hunter TV show as well as Croc Files and The Crocodile Hunter Diaries, where his unique approach to wildlife won him an army of fans.

Tragically, he died in 2006 while filming a documentary after being injured by a stingray. He was just 44.

A clip shared on Reddit recently helps showcase the type of bloke Irwin was, with one fan pointing out that he was ‘built different’.

In the video, Irwin can be seen holding the little finger on his left hand - he appeared to originally believe the finger was dislocated and attempted to pop it back in place, but just moments later he lets out a yelp of pain and says simply: “It’s broken.”

He then somewhat incredibly added: “No worries. It’s just broken, that's all.” That’s all? OK. Fair enough.

Steve Irwin broke his finger during filming.
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He then manipulates it back into place, before a member of his crew straps into place.

Irwin’s voiceover explains: “Adrenaline’s good because you feel a little less pain. This is a bit of Bush medicine. Not the last for this mission.”

Fans of Irwin have praised his calm demeanour in the clip as he casually attempts to mend his broken bone.

One said: “He's amazing! Not only does he fear nothing, he relocates his finger only to find that it's actually broken without even a whimper! And he's humble about it too, contributing it to adrenaline! Wish I could have met Steve.”

Another wrote: “Man was built different. Thanks for all of the education and for making learning FUN to watch. Great loss to all those who were graced by him.”

Fans have been bowled over by his calm response to the situation.
The Best Picture Show Company

While a third commented: “We never deserved this absolute unit of a human being. Steve Irwin was a special person and was at the peak of his popularity when I was a highly impressionable thirteen year old boy. He is a big part of my love for nature and I miss him!”

Someone else said: “Steve Irwin was next f**king level and a true legend.”

“One of the kindest, gentlest humans to ever exist,” wrote another fan. “Sometimes I forget he was also tough as f**king nails, too. Absolute legend.”

Irwin’s good work continues through his family - wife Terri, daughter Bindi, and son Robert who continue to run Australia Zoo.

Featured Image Credit: The Best Picture Show Company

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