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Fans think they have figured out why Usher was wearing gloves at Super Bowl

Fans think they have figured out why Usher was wearing gloves at Super Bowl

People reckon it was a tribute

If you enjoyed Usher's halftime show at the Super Bowl then you're in good company, as it seems like pretty much everyone else did too.

While some folks were focused on the music and others on the guests he brought onto the stage (or didn't), a few spotted a detail about Usher's outfits and thought it was a nice touch.

The guy went through a few costume changes for his big show, but Usher's fans spotted a pretty consistent feature about every outfit: the gloves.

Maybe it was cold or maybe Usher just thinks gloves are cool, but his fans believe there was a particular reason behind him making sure he had gloves on.

Before going on to perform at the Super Bowl, Usher made sure he laid out what fans could expect to see from him.

Usher brought the style to the Super Bowl.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

"I think about what our country has kind of represented for Black artists, you know," Usher said of his plans for the show.

"Having to at some point go through kitchens to even be able to perform for an audience, but they had to leave back through that same door, fear for their lives as they went to the next state to do the same thing."

With that in mind, there's no need to be subtle about it, as his fans have been saying: "USHER WEARING THE MICHAEL JACKSON GLOVES."

He wore multiple pairs of gloves for his performance, but one of them was a white sparkly glove, the kind which looks like it's based on the glove Michael Jackson used to wear.

Jackson often took to the stage wearing one white glove and Ushers fan's think he was paying tribute with his Super Bowl outfits.

Plenty of fans think Usher's gloves were a tribute to Michael Jackson.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

Fans thought they could tell he'd been 'influenced by Michael' and reckoned Usher was even 'moving like him on stage', which is pretty darn high praise.

Hopefully it'll translate into a big boost in record sales for Usher, who's just released an album, because he's not getting paid to appear at the Super Bowl otherwise.

Fortunately the NFL does cover the costs of the show so he can probably stick those fancy gloves he was wearing on expenses.

Elsewhere, people were worried about the safety of some dude who went flying during Usher's performance.

It looked like he'd been tossed in the air by the rest of the audience, but the camera cut away before we got to see if he stuck the landing.

Featured Image Credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation

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