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Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have extremely awkward reunion in new video

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer have extremely awkward reunion in new video

The pair don't exactly seem like Friends here

Yeah, sure, the American Football part is important but the main talking point for the Super Bowl often seems to be all the other parts.

You know, like the adverts, the Taylor Swift ‘dilemma’ and the legendary half time show – I’m still not over pregnant Rihanna’s twerking from last year to be honest.

As well as the ad featuring David and Victoria Beckham roasting themselves, Uber Eats have given us an extremely awkward reunion between Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer for this year's Super Bowl. Watch it here:

Alongside the Beckhams forgetting who the Spice Girls are, the two actors ‘forget they are Friends’.

Aniston is on a film set being handed an Uber Eats bag of flowers and shopping which leads to a bunch of comical clips of people ordering from the service and forgetting something obvious.

And the thing Aniston forgets is pretty savage when Schwimmer shows up with a: “Jen? Hey!” and goes in for a hug.

But very awkwardly, she pushes him away and asks: “Um, have we met?”


Now obviously, it’s a skit to go in like with the delivery services’ theme of ‘whatever you forget’ but it’s still almost painful to watch for die-hard Friends fans.

Uber Eats

Aniston asks her co-star to ‘give her a hint’ as he hilariously begins to insist: “Worked together for 10 years.”

Of course, the pair starred as Rachel Green and Ross Geller for the entire 10 seasons of the hit American sitcom, ending up finally fulfilling their onscreen romance when it ended in 2004.

But the Aniston in the ad says: “10 years! You were great.” As Schwimmer calls her out: “You still don’t know do you?”

And she admits: “I don’t,” then walks off with an eye roll before saying to herself: “Like I’d forget 10 years of my life.”

Schwimmer then ends with a comical: “I hate this town.”

Aniston forgets who he is.
Uber Eats

Oh, and the advert is rounded off with USHER supposedly having no clue he’s just played the halftime show.

As fans (and even anyone who has just heard of the show) will know, Aniston and Schwimmer’s characters in Friends are not exactly forgettable.

I mean, who could forget the line: “We were on a break.”

Meanwhile, in the Beckhams skit, David says: “Remember when you used to be a Pepper Lady?”

As Victoria, dressed in a ‘David’s wife’ T-shirt, replies: “Wasn’t it the Cinnamon Sisters? Or Paprika Girls?”

But David adds: “Nah, that’s absurd.”

Featured Image Credit: Uber Eats

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