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Taylor Swift's big dilemma if Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs make the Super Bowl

Taylor Swift's big dilemma if Travis Kelce’s Kansas City Chiefs make the Super Bowl

It'll be all eyes on Taylor's whereabouts if her boyfriend's NFL team make the Super Bowl

We've all been there, when work commitments interfere with our personal life and plans. And it's a situation that could soon apply to none other megastar Taylor Swift.

Occasionally, we might have had to miss out on events or parties due to the day job, which is sadly just the way of the world.

But whether we turn up or not is something only our loved ones or friends would be interested in. That can't be said, however, when you're one most famous and recognisable faces in the entire world.

As the Super Bowl nears, with just the NFC and AFC Championship Games to go, all eyes turn to whether or not Taylor Swift will be present.

She is, of course, the high-profile girlfriend of the Kansas City Chiefs' star tight end, Travis Kelce, a superstar in his own right within the game of American football.

The couple have been the story of the current NFL season since confirming their romance mid-season, with Taylor turning up to watch Chiefs games alongside Travis' mum and relatives. Quite cute, really.

She even got a custom-made jacket with Kelce's number embroidered on the front, back and sleeves, which feels like a very public form of saying she's committed to her guy.

Travis Kelce.
Ryan Kang / Getty

And despite a rather awkward joke being made at the couple's expense at the Golden Globes, the pair seem to be more loved up than ever.

Now, with the Chiefs one game away from yet another Super Bowl outing, the question everyone will be asking is whether Taylor will be there if her boyfriend and his team do the business against the Baltimore Ravens next week.

Well, if so, it could be a tricky one for the superstar.




Taylor is currently on her Eras Tour; the sixth global world tour of her career. The problem for Taylor is that the Super Bowl is on Sunday, 11 February.

And where is she the day before for the tour? Japan. Not exactly around the corner.

She also has the Australian leg of The Eras Tour four days after the big game; another place where time zones go upside down.

Taylor supporting Kelce's team during the NFL playoffs.
Jamie Squire / Getty

Obviously, Taylor has the means to get anywhere in the world whenever she wants, but time could be the issue here.

A direct flight from Japan to Las Vegas - where the Super Bowl is being held - would take Taylor just under 12 hours. Commercial airlines usually have one stopover, according to Skyscanner, putting the total journey time to around 15 hours. But you'd imagine with Taylor's money, a private jet direct to the city wouldn't be a problem.

The time zone is on Taylor's side too. Her concert starts at 6pm and should probably finish around 9pm local time in Japan.

That would be the same as 1am the day before the Super Bowl in Vegas.

So, it's certainly not impossible, but it's a big ask.

Brittany Mahomes, Jason Kelce, and Taylor Swift react during the second half of the AFC Divisional Playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills.
Kathryn Riley / Getty

NFL bosses might quietly be hoping the Chiefs get to the big game due to the millions of extra eyes that would be on the game through Taylor's loyal global fanbase.

I can almost already picture the custom made Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl winner t-shirts with her face on...

LADbible has contacted Taylor's management for comment on the situation.

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Squire / Ryan Kang / Getty

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