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People 'do not want to understand' Travis Kelce's hand gesture to Taylor Swift in 'unhinged' Coachella video

People 'do not want to understand' Travis Kelce's hand gesture to Taylor Swift in 'unhinged' Coachella video

A possible explanation has been given after Travis Kelce was filmed with girlfriend Taylor Swift at Coachella

The Swifties may be loving the sight of their god and idol Taylor Swift partying at Coachella with boyfriend Travis Kelce but there's one moment they'd perhaps desire not to have seen.

Swift and Kelce are very much an 'it couple' at the moment, and here's hoping that their happiness together continues as well.

Kelce apparently went big on the Valentine's Day gifts this year, while everyone watching the Super Bowl was pretty much just waiting to see moments where they were together.

Footage from the afterparty of them dancing together and kissing to one of Swift's songs was well received, though Travis' brother Jason rather stole that particular show by working the crowd in a Mexican wrestler's mask.

Fans wanted to unsee it. (X)
Fans wanted to unsee it. (X)

Now they've been off to Coachella together and a bit of footage of the couple which has made it onto social media has had fans declaring 'I WANT TO UNSEE THIS'.

In the video the happy couple were dancing along to the music when Travis raised his hand and moved his fingers in a way that suggested he was strumming an invisible guitar and absolutely nothing else.

Quite why Mr Kelce's air guitar performance would raise such objections we cannot possible fathom, but the reaction was somewhat vociferous.

What do you think? (X)
What do you think? (X)

One person said they were 'choosing not to understand', while someone else reasonably asked 'then why share it' if the original poster wished to unsee what they thought they'd witnessed.

"THEYRE SO UNHINGED LMAO," said another whose caps lock must have sadly malfunctioned in a devastating accident.

Of course some perceptive souls pointed out that 'he's just playing air guitar btw', and they are most certainly right despite the protestations of some others that 'there's literally no guitar in this song'.

There's also no guitar in Kelce's hands, but that didn't stop him from wiggling his fingers as though he were plucking the actual strings of one.

Others wondered 'what's the problem with it' as the couple were 'vibing at Coachella' and clearly enjoying themselves.

Another questioned if 'nobody in the comments ever danced to music before' and denounced those flipping their lids by saying 'y'all aren't real ravers'.

Indeed, real ravers would know that people are allowed to have fun on the dancefloor and this really is just two people having a good time with each other.

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