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New video shares what Travis Kelce told Taylor Swift in emotional on-pitch moment after Super Bowl

New video shares what Travis Kelce told Taylor Swift in emotional on-pitch moment after Super Bowl

Fans may have been hoping for a big romantic gesture, but here's what was actually said

While the Super Bowl was about the sport for a lot of fans, for others it was about Usher.

And then for some people, it was simply about Taylor Swift.

In case you’ve somehow avoided knowing for this long, the Grammy winner has been dating NFL star Travis Kelce.

After stepping off stage in Tokyo on Saturday (10 February), Swift quickly caught a flight over to watch her boyfriend’s team, the Kansas City Chiefs, beat the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl on Sunday (11 February).

And while fans were hoping for something even more romantic to happen after the game, Kelce and Swift had a loved-up celebratory moment on the field after.

The couple were hugging and kissing away with a new video sharing just what the NFL player actually told the ‘Love Story’ singer in their emotional moment.

So, here’s just what Kelce and Swift said to each other in just one of the many viral moments of the couple people just can’t seem to stop talking about, whether they love them or hate them.

Kelce: “Thank you for coming baby.”

Swift: “Oh, I cannot believe that.”

Kelce: “Thank you, thank you for the support.”

Swift: “I can’t believe you, I can’t believe you. How did you do that?”

Kelce: “Thank you for coming. Thank you for making it halfway across the world. You’re the best baby.”

Swift: “Oh my God.”

Kelce: “The absolute best. Was it electric?”

Swift: “It was unbelievable.”

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift celebrated after the Chiefs won.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

One fan replied to the clip with: “They’re so cute I can’t think straight.”

I mean, obviously the Swifties are loving it as another wrote: “If they don’t hurry up and adopt me.”

Someone else commented: “They’re so cute together.”

Another put: “People hate on them but I love to see this.”

And while trolls slammed: "We’ve all had enough, make it stop," and "Can this story please end."

Others simply put: “You have to admit that seeing two people in love is really beautiful.”

The couple shared a heartfelt hug following the end of the game.
Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Another added: “I actually kinda enjoyed this, and that infuriates me.”

After their lovey-dovey ‘thank you, thank you, you’re the best’ moment after the game, the pair went to a big after party in Vegas.

And Swift’s parents were even in attendance as they sat awkwardly in the club.

The same can’t be said for Kelce’s brother Jason though, who seemed to be the life and soul of it.

Featured Image Credit: NFL/Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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