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​Big Shaq Reinvents 'Bushtucker Trial' Pronunciation During 'I'm A Celebrity' Radio Interview

​Big Shaq Reinvents 'Bushtucker Trial' Pronunciation During 'I'm A Celebrity' Radio Interview

MC Big Shaq went onto Scott Mills' show on BBC Radio 1 today and was asked what he thinks about everyone's favourite celebrity-abuse show, I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!Unfortunately, he struggled to pronounce 'Bushtucker trial', and the results were spectacular:

"Booshkutta... booshakutta trial? With the cockroach," Shaq asked, with a smile of recognition on his face.


"And the kangaroo anus," Mills added, referencing the animal genitals that make up an essential part of the TV show.

"What's it called? Kanga-row?" Shaq asked, perplexed.

"You know what a kangaroo is, right?" His guest Chris Stack asked, incredulous. "They jump."

"How are you saying it?" Shaq asked. "You're saying it wrong, big man - it's 'kanga-row'. What's wrong with you? 'Kangaroo'? It sounds like a type of food."


"It is on that show," Mills joked. Touché.

Once the confusion was finally cleared up, Shaq was asked whether he would go on the show to eat ants and anus. "No, I wouldn't do it," he said.

Along with I'm A Celebrity, Big Shaq was also asked about other topics such as David Attenborough's show Blue Planet ("Put me on the red one," Shaq said, dismissively) and travelling ("I like the train. It's good"). Fascinating stuff there.

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As you'd expect, some people absolutely loved Shaq's appearance on the show:


Others were less impressed by Shaq's 'opinions', some of them apparently oblivious that the character is actually the creation of comedian Michael Dapaah - an Ali G/Alan Partridge style wind-up:


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After he shared his Very Important Opinions, Big Shaq was set up with an OAP called Nanna Mo to perform a version of 'Man's Not Hot', imaginatively called 'Nan's Not Hot'.


We don't know how long Big Shaq's comedy lifespan will be, but with his comic talents, he's certainly qualified to provide great viewing on I'm A Celebrity. More than some of the people who are already in there, you might say.

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