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Cillian Murphy Offers Update On Returning For Peaky Blinders Movie

Cillian Murphy Offers Update On Returning For Peaky Blinders Movie

The Peaky Blinders star has promised he'll be back as Thomas Shelby in the upcoming movie

Cillian Murphy has provided Peaky Blinders fans with an update on whether he will be returning for a movie based off the incredibly popular TV show.

The sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders dropped earlier this year and was released on Netflix on Friday, 10 June, everywhere except the UK where it was already available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

While the sixth season was the final one, it won't be the end of the story, however, as a film is in the works which will wrap up the tale of Tommy Shelby in one big blockbusting feature.

Production on the film has not yet begun and it could be some time before scripts are finalised and scenes filmed.

Cillian Murphy has confirmed he would return for a Peaky Blinders film when the time came.

But the key question for everyone is whether Murphy would return to reprise his role as after all, it's not really Peaky Blinders without Tommy Shelby.

Speaking recently to Deadline, Murphy confirmed that he would be stepping back into Tommy Shelby's shoes when the time came to do a movie.

The actor did say he was yet to read a script for the Peaky Blinders film and knows 'genuinely nothing' about any details as of yet, explaining that it all depends on show creator Steven Knight coming up with a story to tell.

He said: "I think it’s good for everyone to have a little break. That’s always a healthy thing and then we can regroup.

"Steve is an insanely busy and in-demand writer, but I know that he loves writing Peaky above all, I’m sure he’s told you the same."

"He adores it. So I think when the time comes, if there’s more story to be told, I’ll be there."

Unfortunately for Peaky Blinders fans, the wait could be a while as Knight is a very in-demand writer and is currently engaged with Great Expectations and a second series of Tom Hardy-led drama Taboo.

The Peaky Blinders movie will need screenwriter Steven Knight to come up with a script first.

Knight has talked about what the film might look like, telling Metro he had a 'very specific story' in mind based off a true story from the Second World War.

The showrunner also said he wanted Stephen Graham, who played Hayden Stagg in Peaky Blinders, to return for the film.

Another actor who might make an appearance in the movie is Line of Duty star Vicky McClure, who said she'd auditioned for every series of Peaky Blinders but never managed to appear.

She might finally get to make an appearance in the movie as Knight said she was 'brilliant' and suggested they 'will put her in the film if she’ll do it'.

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