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Clarkson's Farm fans furious after finding out farm shop was granted planning permission for huge expansion in same area

Clarkson's Farm fans furious after finding out farm shop was granted planning permission for huge expansion in same area

Another shop has been given planning permission near Clarkson's farm and fans are furious about it

Fans of Prime Video show Clarkson's Farm have been furious to discover that a nearby farm was granted planning permission for all sorts of developments.

Those who've watched the show will be well aware of the trial and tribulations Jeremy Clarkson has had in attempting to develop his farm by opening a shop and a restaurant.

Clarkson opened up his own farm shop in the first season, though he had to shut the place down for two months in 2022 after West Oxfordshire Council insisted he change the roof.

On the second season of Clarkson's Farm plenty of time was devoted to trying to win round the local community so the Diddly Squat Farm could continue to develop and make a little more than £144 profit in the second year.

There were so many visitors that a car park was badly needed, and Jeremy had the idea of opening up a restaurant on site which was quite the struggle after his application was denied by the council.

Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat Farm has struggled to get planning permission for developments.
Sharpshotaero / Alamy Stock Photo

Some fans of Clarkson's Farm have been particularly angry about the struggles Clarkson faced considering that a nearby farm has over the years been granted permission to develop and grow.

According to the Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard, over the years nearby Daylesford Organic Farms was able to file planning applications and successfully construct a large farm shop, home shop, garden shop, wine shop, cafe, restaurant, bar, spa and children's daycare centre.

They also offer cookery classes too, it actually sounds like quite a good day out.

While both farms sit in the Cotswold area of outstanding natural beauty it is important to note that they do fall under different council jurisdictions.

Diddly Squat Farm has to contend with West Oxfordshire District Council, who have denied claims that they have some sort of vendetta against Clarkson, while Daylesford Organic Farms deal with Cotswold District Council.

The council that granted permission for Daylesford's development is not the same one which blocked Clarkson's plans to build a restaurant.

The nearby Daylesford Organic has been successful in planning applications for all sorts of developments, though it does deal with a different council.
Daylesford Organic

Nonetheless, with Daylesford only a handful of miles away from Diddly Squat some Clarkson's Farm fans reckon it's pretty unfair that one farm has been allowed to grow and flourish while the other one seemingly can't even build a little restaurant on its own land without being told no.

One person slammed the lack of permission for building at Diddly Squat as 'small village mob mentality' and pointed out that someone did 'cone off the sides of a single lane road' right outside Clarkson's farm.

Another said one farm had managed to build an 'entire organic supermarket', while a third claimed West Oxfordshire District Council 'behaved bad'.

Someone else wondered if there had been 'a few years of back and forth between the council and the farmer', suggesting that lots of developments eventually got the green light on a much longer timescale than a season of Clarkson's Farm would allow.

Season two of Clarkson's Farm is available to watch on Prime Video now.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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