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Danny Dyer admits what he really thinks of West Ham's x-rated chant about daughter

Danny Dyer admits what he really thinks of West Ham's x-rated chant about daughter

Dani Dyer is dating West Ham player Jarrod Bowen

Danny Dyer loves the fact his daughter is dating a West Ham player, but does that mean he loves fans of the team singing about her?

I can't imagine it would be every parent's dream, particularly when that song relates to the sex going on with their precious offspring.

Still, I suppose Danny isn't entirely naive about what goes on with his daughter Dani and her partner Jarrod Bowen - especially since she's now pregnant again.

Danny has shown his approval for Dani's boyfriend.
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After welcoming her first child in January 2021, Dani announced last month she was pregnant with twins, much to her dad's delight.

During an appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, Danny said: "I’m a grandfather… he’s beautiful, he’s such a lovely little boy. [Dani's] pregnant again with twins. Identical girls. So I’m going to have three grandkids under three by f**king May.

“It’s petrifying. I am over the moon. It’s weird when your kid’s pregnant. You worry about them. It’s a miracle the whole thing, especially with twins.”

In spite of his fatherly concerns, Danny made clear Dani has a good partner in Bowen as he commented: "West Ham until I die. You can’t tell them who to fall in love with… all of a sudden she’s brought home a West Ham player. I couldn’t have hand picked a better human being, he’s beautiful," Danny said.

Dani and Jarrod are expecting twins together.

The EastEnders actor admitted he gets 'all starstruck' when he sees Bowen, suggesting he hasn't turned on the player after hearing the chant fans sing about him and Dani: "Bowen’s on fire and he’s sh**ging Dani Dyer!"

It's not the cleverest of chants, and it definitely could have gone down badly with Danny, but he admitted he's actually quite fond of it.

"There is a chant, which I think is quite sweet," he said. "When he scores - and he does score a lot - [they chant] ‘Bowen’s on fire and he’s sh**ging Dani Dyer!’ I’ve been over there when they’re singing it, jumping around. Is that wrong?”

I suppose that's one way to show the partner you like them?

Danny also admitted that being a grandfather isn't quite what he expected, having previously assumed by that point his kids would have, as he put it, 'grown up and f***ed off'.

However, the 45-year-old is still bringing up a nine-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter while also juggling his grandad duties with Dani's son, who she shares with her ex-boyfriend Sammy Kimmence.

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