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Elusive actor who played Dewey in Malcolm In The Middle has Instagram account showing new life

Elusive actor who played Dewey in Malcolm In The Middle has Instagram account showing new life

We've all been left wondering 'where's Dewey?' well, here's your answer...

The mystery surrounding what happened to the actor who played Dewey in Malcolm in the Middle has now been partially solved thanks to his Instagram account fans are only just discovering.

Malcolm in the Middle is one of the most loved comedies from the early 2000s thanks to its zany humour and fantastic performances from its main cast.

The iconic sitcom followed the life of a dysfunctional family and was told from the perspective of the awkward middle child Malcolm (played by Frankie Muniz) who also happened to be a child genius.

Audiences also fell in love with Malcolm's odd younger brother Dewey, who was portrayed by Erik Per Sullivan during the show's seven-season run between 2000-2006.

Malcolm in the Middle was huge back in the day.

While some of the cast went on to have huge success in other projects, most notably Hal's actor Bryan Cranston who played the world's favourite fictional crystal meth drug lord Walter White in Breaking Bad, Sullivan stepped away from the limelight.

The 31-year-old only has 11 posts on his Instagram account, with a mixture of pictures taken from his TV roles to more personal snaps.

Describing himself as a 'movie and tv actor' in the bio, the account also includes his birthday - July 1991 - and shout out to Massachusetts, where the former child star was born.

Sullivan won a literary award.

The first post on the account dates back to April 2020, which makes us wonder if the former sitcom star joined the platform to pass the time during the worldwide coronavirus lockdowns.

In one post, Sullivan urges his followers - which as of October 2022 now stands at over 53,000 - to stay home amid the pandemic.

"Stay Home Save Lives," he said.

Two pictures appear to be fan art of his most well known character, Dewey. "Thank you," he simply said in the caption for one post, while in response to another drawn tribute from a fan, he said: "Thanks for this beautiful drawing."

In May 2020 he shared a selfie by the pool from holiday trip ‘a few years ago’.

Our Dewey also won the James Joyce Award by Literary and Historical Society. “The unforgettable memories,” he reflected in the caption.

And when he’s not winning literary awards, Sullivan is also a keen partier with one photo showing the Malcolm in the Middle star holding a green concoction with an eye-catching red straw while grinning at the camera.

Sullivan played Dewey for six years.

Seemingly unable to remember the exact details of said party other than its location in Miami Beach, Florida, he captioned the innocent post: “Some years party,” with an island emoji.

He also uploaded a picture of a picture of a portrait with his two brothers who are not Malcolm, Reece (Justin Berfield), Francis (Christopher Masterson) or the forgotten brother they added in season four nobody cares about.

Back in August, Muniz was asked about his former TV brother and he was happy to shed some light on why Sullivan is now reclusive.

"To be honest, I don't know what he's up to," he shared with Malcolm France. "I hate to say that because I've talked to him a few times since the show ended.

He shared a picture with his real brothers.

"I've talked to his parents a lot. When I was in the band, we went and played in the city where he lives and his parents came to the show but unfortunately he couldn't make it.

"So I got to talk to them, and he's been all over doing a lot of different things.

"But one thing I know, some actors or some people just got to do it when they were a kid and then they wanted to experience other things and kind of live a more normal life out of the spotlight.

"I think that's what he wanted to do so good for him."

Unfortunately for us, Sullivan hasn't posted anything since April 2021. The 'Gram misses you.

Featured Image Credit: Fox/Instagram/ErikPerSulivan

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