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Molly McCann has showed off the lavish Rolex watch Drake bought for her after she broke his dreaded curse.

The Liverpudlian mixed martial artist, also known as ‘Meatball’, visited the Capital FM studios recently where she chatted to Roman Kemp about the curse and how the ‘One Dance’ performer showed his gratitude.

Back in September, Champagne Papi gave a Rolex to McCann and Paddy 'the baddy' Pimblett after he won an incredible £1.2 million by betting on them both to win their UFC fights.

As one of the biggest artists in the world right now, Drake took it upon himself to congratulate McCann with a spenny present.

McCann was wearing the Rolex during her visit to the Capital FM studio and it quickly became the main topic of conversation, as one would expect.

Molly McCann shared her shock after finding out Drake put a bet on her.
Capital FM

The 33-year-old said she was already nervous ahead of her fight, but was even more anxious because of the so-called ‘Drake curse’.

Basically, the ‘Drake curse’ is an internet trend that pokes fun at his tragic luck when it comes to betting in sports.

Before McCann, every athlete and sports team Mr. Aubrey Graham bet on has gone on to have a poor result in their next match.

“Imagine waking up you’ve already got nerves like a full sell out crowd coming to watch and then the Drake curse is on you because everyone [he’s] always bet on had ended up losing,” she told Kemp.

McCann said her girlfriend Ellis told her that the Drake had put ‘mills’ on her and posted about on Instagram.

“I don’t think about losing but in that moment I thought, ‘What in that moment I lose him two and a half mill there’,” she recalled.

McCann’s friend Leah McCourt, who is also a fighter, was on hand to give her pal a much-needed pep talk ahead of her fight against Hannah Goldy.

Molly McCann showed off her lavish gift on Instagram.

McCann and Pimblett decided to ask for a Rolex each because they had recently been watching YouTube videos about watches and they cheekily requested the most expensive one they could think of.

The Canadian rapper is a man of his word and wrote on his Instagram story: "Rollies for Meatball and the Baddy. Secured the W & the rollie."

In September, McCann posed with her brand-new gold Rolex on Instagram while walking alongside Liverpool's famous Liver Building, giving a simple 'thanks' to the rapper.

Pimblett also showed off his new watch in a video he posted on Instagram in August.

If Drake has any more curses he needs breaking, let us know!

Featured Image Credit: Capital FM

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