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Netflix users ‘can’t finish’ terrifying horror Eerie

Netflix users ‘can’t finish’ terrifying horror Eerie

The film is so scary that viewers are unable to sleep after finishing

A particularly terrifying horror movie on Netflix has been anything but 'Netflix and chill' for many of its viewers.

Eerie has petrified some people so much that they were 'screaming out loud' during the film or left switching it off before the end.

The Filipino horror flick - which originally hit screens in 2018 - is already being lauded as this year's scariest movie after re-gaining attention online.

Check out the trailer, if you can stomach it:

The movie is set in an all-girls Catholic school where a student commits suicide, leaving other students to claim they are being haunted by her spirit.

When a clairvoyant guidance counsellor, played by Bea Alonzo, takes it upon herself to investigate, she learns more about the school's dark history.

The rest of the 100-minute flick sees scary nuns and shadowy monsters terrify viewers - just the combination you need, eh? - to the point where some took to social media to complain.

The flick has viewers losing sleep.
Star Cinema/Netflix

One said: "In my opinion, #EerieMovie is a masterclass in Philippine horror filmmaking genre.”

Another shaken-up viewer wrote: "Watched Eerie today. Nice movie! It’s just so funny that I’m laughing at myself because I’m too scared that I keep on screaming and covering half of my eyes while watching."

A third concurred: "Just watched Eerie on Netflix and now i don't know if i can sleep tonight."

Eerie focuses on a Catholic school with a dark history.
Star Cinema/Netflix

We've come a long way from the days of cinema-goers fainting in the aisles while watching The Exorcist, eh?

Eerie isn't the first film to be released on the streaming service that has had subscribers shaking on their sofas.

Spanish horror film Don't Listen was deemed too terrifying by viewers, with some likening it to a Spanish version of The Conjuring.

One viewer tweeted: "Tip: don’t watch alone!! So scary but GOOD!!"

A fellow fan wrote: "Y’all should really go watch DON’T LISTEN aka VOCES on Netflix!! It’s a Spanish scary movie and that s**t had me jumping."

Don't Listen was also praised by viewers as terrifying.
eOne Films Spain/Netflix

Meanwhile, bone-chilling entry The Strays kept Netflix subscribers on the edge of their sofas, as it was branded the 'best film of the year'.

One terrified viewer wrote: "That movie The Strays [is] terrifying."

A second warned: "If you're trying to sleep well tonight, don't watch The Strays right before bed."

Another stunned viewer tweeted: "Just finished watching The Strays on Netflix and I think I'm scarred for life, because what the hell did I just watch?"

I think it's safe to say that Netflix before bed isn't always the best idea if you have an easy night's sleep...

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/Star Cinema

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