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Eminem once tried to get back into an old house of his for a documentary, only to end up sitting on the doorstep because the man living there wouldn't let him in.

I'm going to assume that you know who the legendary rapper Eminem, real name Marshall Mathers, is and get right to the point.

Back in 1999, the rapper did a show with MTV called Going Back where he headed for Detroit and went back to his roots.

One of the main stops on the tour was a house he lived in when he was younger, and in fact, it was the exact same house that appears on the cover of 'The Marshall Mathers LP' with the rapper sat outside it.

He showed up and knocked on the door hoping to be let in but nobody inside would open the door despite his polite inquiries, as they said they 'have not cleaned the house'.

Eminem once went back to his old house but wasn't allowed in.
YouTube/MTV News

Eminem did try and pay the guy to open the door and let them in for a quick look but his initial offer of $40 was rebuffed, and upping the price to $60 didn't do the trick either.

The new homeowner instead asked for $1,000, but neither Eminem nor anybody on the production crew had that kind of cash on them, so they weren't getting inside.

Instead, the rapper headed into the backyard and took a trip down memory lane, remembering where there used to be features like a swing and a birdbath.

Still unable to get inside his old house, Eminem ended up sitting on the doorstep while he explained the meticulous work he put into his lyrics before mentioning more details from his childhood.

"I used to walk to this other school that was like a mile and half, close to two miles, away," he recounted sitting outside in the show, explaining that there was a school very near his old house that he didn't go to.

The rapper instead sat on his old doorstep and remembered what it was like living in the house.
YouTube/MTV News

"When we came up from Kansas City we used to stay with my grandmother, and my grandmother used to live on the other side of 8 mile."

"So I started going to that school and like, it was the longest I'd ever went to a school, like six months. So I started making friends, it was real hard for me to make friends when I was little."

"We changed schools a lot, the longest I had been in a school was like three months. In the winter time it was cold, I'd skip school, just didn't want to go. Figured I just want to rap."

Eminem rounded out the story by saying a friend of his would take him to rap battles with other kids at school.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/MTV News

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