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Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Pays Homage To Her Dad With Sweet Tribute In Her New Podcast

Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Pays Homage To Her Dad With Sweet Tribute In Her New Podcast

Hailie Jade is set to talk about her life and pop culture in her new podcast

Two decades after Eminem paid tribute to his daughter with the release of 'Hailie's Song', Hailie Jade returned the favour as she announced the release of her new podcast.

Hailie, who is now 26 years old, shared the news of her podcast with a post on Instagram and the launch of new social media channels where viewers will be able to watch her chat with her co-host, Brittany Ednie.

Though the Instagram and YouTube pages for the podcast don't have any posts yet, Hailie promised they would soon start filling up as she announced the podcast was 'about to drop'.

She has already racked up millions of followers online by working as a fashion and beauty influencer, and explained the project is one that 'has been in the works for a while', adding: "I'm so excited for the first episode to be launching!!"

Though Hailie didn't directly mention her dad in her Instagram post, she had paid homage to Eminem through the name of her podcast, which is titled Just A Little Shady. In case you've not got the reference, it comes off the back of Eminem's nickname Slim Shady, so being his daughter, the host could dub herself the 'little shady'.

As well as the nod to her father, the podcast does also promise to throw a bit of shade as a description on its YouTube page explains: "let's talk about my life, pop culture & get a little shady".

Hailie encouraged fans to subscribe to the YouTube page and follow the Instagram account to be the first to 'see a sneak peak' of the show, though she didn't specify exactly when the teasers would arrive.

Fans made clear their excitement to hear what she has to say, with more than 45,900 people already following the Instagram account.

Responding to Hailie's news, one person commented, "the name is ICONIC!," while another wrote: "This is gonna be a slay! excited to see all your hard work with this podcast pay off."

The release of Just A Little Shady comes amid the news that Hailie has also filed a trademark to sell clothing and merchandise, with documents cited exclusively by The Sun listing 'Dresses; Hats; Jackets; Pants; Shirts' in the filing, as well as 'non-medicated skin care preparations' and 'entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a celebrity and social media influencer'.

Eminem doesn't appear to have comment on Hailie's new venture at the time of writing (14 July), but he has previously made clear he is proud of his daughter and her achievements.

Featured Image Credit: @hailiejade/Instagram/Alamy

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