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Eminem’s Daughter Hallie Proves She’s One Of His Biggest Fans

Eminem’s Daughter Hallie Proves She’s One Of His Biggest Fans

Hailie Jade revealed how much she listens to her dad and she's definitely a stan.

Everyone on the planet seems to be posting their Spotify Wrapped on social media to show off how dedicated they are to their favourite artists.

The streaming service does a wrap up of what you've been listening to over the last year, and it seems Eminem's daughter Hailie is a big fan of her dad's music. Watch below:

While you can probably assume the children of most artists out there would appreciate the songs and albums made by their mum or dad, it seems like Em's daughter is a proper stan.

She's posted to her TikTok account of a viral trend before revealing she not only has Eminem as her top artist for 2021, but that she's also in the top three percent of listeners in the world.

The revelation has shocked and surprised some fans, especially considering Em raps about his troubled relationship with Hailie's mum, as well as occasionally writing songs about Hailie herself.

One fan wrote: "I honestly always wanted to know if she listened to him or not."

Another added: "Might be emotionally hard to listen to some of the songs, especially the ones written 'to her'. Then again she's got anthems to listen to if she's ever feeling really down. What a good dad."

A third said: "This is something I thought I'd never get the answer to lol I was convinced that she didn't listen to his stuff, to think she listens to her 50-year-old dad rap about some of the stuff he does is hilarious."

People remarked earlier this year that Hailie really takes after her dad in her appearance.

Hailie shared a clip to her TikTok account showing off her 'weekend vibes' look, which kicked off with her make-up free and her long hair pulled up into a bun.

The 25-year-old then pretends to punch the camera before the clip transitions to her sporting a much more glamorous look, with a full face of make-up and her long dark hair sleekly styled.

And her fans were quick to comment just how much she looked like her rapper dad during the make-up free part of the clip.

One of her followers commented saying: "Her in the beginning is like seeing his twin."

Another said: "Mini Em, it's so crazy."

This is somewhat understandable considering she is made up of half of his DNA.

Featured Image Credit: HailieJade/Instagram

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