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Andre The Giant Had Suitably Giant Gas

Andre The Giant Had Suitably Giant Gas

Andre The Giant had suitably giant gas.

Andre the Giant was big in just about every way imaginable: he was huge, obviously - 7 foot 4 inches in his wrestling boots - but also in terms of his fame, which outstripped just about every other wrestler of his age, in terms of his pay packet, which was higher than any other wrestler, and yes, in terms of his appetite, which was predictably impressive given his size. According to no less than Hulk Hogan, however, you can add another giant facet to his giant frame: his colossal farts.

"I've been in different dressing rooms, like a hockey dressing room where there'd be a wooden bench, and you could put 20 people sitting there," said the Hulkster. "If Andre was to pass some gas, the whole bench would rumble all the way down to the end and vibrate the guy on the end of the bench. He used to think that was quite funny. His placement was very deliberate."

Hulk Hogan is a man who knows a fair bit about dispensing hot air - just watch the man cut a promo - so I'm more than willing to take his word for it. It isn't just Hollywood Hogan who was waxing lyrical about the potential of Andre's trouser trumpets: actual Hollywood stars are on hand to back him up.

"One time he passed wind on the set, and it deafened everybody," said Cary Elwes, who starred alongside Andre the Giant in 1987 classic The Princess Bride. "And Rob Reiner said, 'Are you OK, Andre?' and he said, 'I am now.' He was always quick with a line. He had us all laughing all the time. Oh my God, we all had tinnitus for a week," said Elwes.

He was speaking to a documentary crew who are making a film about the incredible life of Andre the Giant, which is set to air on HBO in the United States on this coming Tuesday night. Hulk Hogan told his tales of Andre's enormous jacksie at the premiere of the film, which was held this weekend in Los Angeles.

Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan
Andre The Giant.

The HBO documentary is not the only film that is in the works about the larger than life wrestler: it has long been rumoured that a cinematic feature is in the works about Andre the Giant, with an equally large period of rumour about who will depict the massive Frenchman. If you know any 7 foot 4 actors, do let us know.

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