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​Breaking Bad Fans Think Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul's Tweets Are Related To The Movie

​Breaking Bad Fans Think Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul's Tweets Are Related To The Movie

Many fans think their identical photos are indicative of something to do with the Breaking Bad film

Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are up to no good, having just tweeted identical pictures of two donkeys, writing crypitcally: "Soon."

Many fans believe it's a sign of the two confirming something to do with the forthcoming Breaking Bad, following rumours that began circulating back in November.

While Vince Gilliagan has now confirmed he's working on a two-hour film to tie in with the cult series, details are extremely thin on the ground.

We're told that it will be premiering on Netflix before going to AMC, but in terms of plot very little has been officially confirmed.

This means that in the meantime, we have to take any clues given to us - which is exactly what people think Cranston and Paul's tweets are.

Many excited fans have jumped onto Twitter to speculate that it's a sign of something movie-related, with one writing: "Is that for breaking bad movie?!!!!"

Someone else commented: "Breaking bad movie??? HYPEEEEEE."

A third wrote: "If this is a Breaking Bad movie, I'm as crapping my pants in excitement."

Others, meanwhile, stopped to have a little think about the meaning of the actual picture itself.

"A couple of drug mules?" one person offered.

Another agreed, writing: "Donkey is a Mule... Drug Mules... Heisenberg is back."

A third said: "2 bad asses back on screen soon?"

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie will focus on Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) and the aftermath of the final season.

Jesse was involved in a gunfight with Jack's men and is asked by Walt to kill him after being wounded in the battle. The two old friends looked at each other one last time before Pinkman grabbed Todd's El Camino car and took off through the gates.

That's a theory that other news outlets are also plugging, including SlashFilm.

"SlashFilm has learned that the newly announced Breaking Bad movie will be a sequel set after the events of the series finale, following Jesse as he blazes a trail away from that horrifying finale," the website claims.

"We have confirmed that the kidnapped man is Jesse Pinkman and the movie will follow his escape from Albuquerque following the bloody events of the series finale.

"Naturally, Aaron Paul is set to reprise the role, which won him three Emmy awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series."

Featured Image Credit: AMC

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