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Cast Away Trailer Is Effectively The Whole Film In A Couple Of Minutes

Cast Away Trailer Is Effectively The Whole Film In A Couple Of Minutes

If you want to watch Cast Away but are a bit short on time, then you could always just watch the trailer

Jake Massey

Jake Massey


If you're anything like me, before hunkering down to watch a film, you'll start out by watching a few trailers to help you decide which movie will occupy your attention for the next couple of hours .

A bad trailer will have lost your interest in the space of two minutes, while a good trailer should draw you in and leave you wanting more.

However, the trailer for Cast Away makes it almost impossible for you to get any more.

If you haven't seen the classic 2000 film, basically it's about a guy (played by Tom Hanks) whose plane crashes, leaving him to wash up on a deserted island where he manages to survive for years, befriending a ball called Wilson. Meanwhile, everyone back in civilisation thinks he's dead, including his Mrs, but he eventually ends up managing to build a raft and gets rescued. Then he's left having to figure out how to reintegrate himself into a society that thought he was brown bread.

But you don't need me to tell you that, you can just watch the trailer, which is basically the whole of the 143-minute film on fast forward.

Many films in the past have been guilty of giving too much away in the trailer, but this really does take the biscuit.

The trailer for Cast Away basically reveals the plot of the whole film.
20th Century Fox

Surely a natural place to end the trailer would be with him washing up on the island? Bit of suspense maybe? Slice of intrigue? No?

The bizarre thoroughness of the trailer is reflected in the comments section on YouTube, where one person wrote: "Wow. This is the worst trailer I've ever had the great misfortune to see. It has ruined the whole dang movie."

Another took the opportunity to warn others, writing: "This trailer gives away the whole movie. DON'T WATCH THE TRAILER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THIS MOVIE!!!!!"

However, not everyone thinks the trailer ruins the film. On Reddit - where discussion of the trailer was recently reignited - one person said: "Some movies aren't about the big reveal... they are about character development, the acting, the emotions.

Watching the trailer for Cast Away before you've watched Cast Away may leave you looking forlornly into the distance.
20th Century Fox

"Nothing is ruined by knowing the ending. Because the stakes are never about him making it home, it's about him overcoming himself time and time again. And we know he will do so from the beginning... we just watch to see the journey of him realising the same."

It's a valid point. Watching the film is of course better than and different to watching the trailer.

That said, you'll almost definitely get more pleasure from opening a present if you don't spend the previous two minutes watching it being wrapped.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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