Maltesers Chocolate Orange Bunnies Will Be Available For Next Easter
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Cast Of First Black Mirror Movie 'Bandersnatch' Confirmed In New Photo

Cast Of First Black Mirror Movie 'Bandersnatch' Confirmed In New Photo

If you weren't already wishing the next couple of days away to get ready for Black Mirror feature film Bandersnatch you sure will now after a photo emerged, confirming three cast members.

Don't wish today away though, today is arguably definitely the best day of Christmas.

A sneak peak at a photo appears to confirm three cast members: Will Poulter (We're The Millers), Fionn Whitehead (Dunkirk) and Asim Chaudhry (People Just Do Nothing).


And here we were expecting to only get a release date for the show's fifth series. Oh how we're being treated - in true Christmas spirit to another wonderful look into Charlie Brooker's disturbingly insightful universe. Eeep.

Deets for the film are pretty thin on the ground it must be said. The summary on Netflix simply reads 'Be right back' accompanied by the Black Mirror logo.

Black Mirror Bandersnatch will be available really soon. Credit: Netflix
Black Mirror Bandersnatch will be available really soon. Credit: Netflix

The cast giveaway was spotted by eagle-eyed Twitter users who noticed the trio of actors gathered around a computer.


According to IndieWire, some Netflix subscribers are getting a runtime of two minutes while others are seeing a runtime of 90 minutes.

We're hoping for the latter of the two.

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Charlie Brooker Indicates There Won't Be New Black Mirror Anytime Soon

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Netflix says that the new Black Mirror film is 'mind-bending, offbeat, cerebral and dark'. Sounds about right, right?

When quizzed about the possibility of a film, Charlie Brooker told NME: "We would need a really good idea to do a movie... because we feel like they're little movies anyway. So unless we had an idea that needed 300 million dollars, I think we're incredibly lucky to be doing what we're doing.

Reflecting back on the previous series, Brooker explained: "Season four was literally written around the time of the American election and the Brexit vote and that sort of stuff.


"I think there was a deliberate, 'Okay, I don't see how all of those things will pan out'. Actually, though, I think you end up commenting on those sorts of things anyway, bleakly. It felt like what we shouldn't do was go, 'And here's the Brexit episode', as we would probably get it wrong in the thick of it."

"Also, like anyone else at that time, I was like, 'Fucking hell! I'm going to keep my head down and fucking write because the world's about to explode! Let me see if I can type this before a fucking meteoroid crashes'.

"What's going to happen next? An asteroid? I don't know. Fucking minced meat is going to become sentient and start crawling out of packaging and strolling away - I wouldn't be surprised."

His mind just spits episode after episode out, doesn't it?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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