Check Out This Seriously Creepy Trailer For New Film 'Terrifier'

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Check Out This Seriously Creepy Trailer For New Film 'Terrifier'

Last year was a bad year for anyone who suffers with coulrophobia - a fear of clowns - we had the remake of It, people dressing up as clowns and taking to the streets and Twisty the clown making a reappearance in season seven of American Horror Story.

Now, just when it seemed like he whole 'killer clown' had died down - excuse the pun - a new trailer has dropped for a movie called Terrifier and it looks absolutely...well, terrifying.


The movie, which is available on digital download now and on DVD 9 April, is directed by Damien Leone and is based on a short film he previously released.


The official synopsis reads: "Terrifier is the story of the maniacal Art the Clown, who terrorizes three young women on Halloween, butchering everyone who stands in his way.

"In grand Halloween tradition, we see the night he came home in all its gory glory, in a place where nobody floats and everyone dies. Art really is the clown who will haunt your nightmares."

Speaking to Looper about how he came up with the concept for Art, Leone said: "One day, this idea just popped into my head about a young woman being harassed on a city bus in the middle of the night by this psychopathic clown.


"His antics slowly go from playful to threatening until he's eventually trying to stick her with a needle. What could be more nightmarish? This essentially became the opening of my short film The 9th Circle which was the first introduction to Art."

Explaining how the feature length movie differs from the original short he said: "It's longer, scarier, sicker, bloodier and has more victims.

"I did try my best to keep the feature as close to the short as possible in terms of simplicity and tone. The short was brutal and intense and once the action started, it didn't let up.

"If I could cut out as much filler as possible and make the entire feature feel like the last 20 minutes of most slasher films, then I felt we'd be on the right track."


Source: Looper

Featured Image Credit: Terrifier/Signature Entertainment

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