Football Pundit Suspended For Using 'Handbags' To Describe Players Fighting
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​'Deadpool 2' Knocks 'Infinity War' Off Top Spot With $125m Opening

​'Deadpool 2' Knocks 'Infinity War' Off Top Spot With $125m Opening

Deadpool 2 has smashed all expectations with its huge opening - and given that all expectations were pretty bloody high in the first place, this means it did VERY WELL.

Having taken an estimated $125 million (£92,791,875) over the course of its opening weekend, the movie not only knocked Avengers: Inifinity War from its top spot, but also broke the record for the highest-grossing opening day for an R-rated movie, raking in $53.3m (£39.5m) on Friday.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, the film also took $301m (£223m) globally.

Hype had been building hard and fast for the sequel, with star Ryan Reynolds often giving us teasers along the way to keep our interest piqued.

It worked, evidently, with Fox domestic distribution chief Chris Aronson saying: "The audience's appetite for the Merc with the Mouth hasn't waned at all."

He added: "Ryan Reynolds was tireless in promoting this movie on a global basis."


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‘Deadpool 2’ Becomes Second Biggest Opening For R-Rated Film

Proving that the success of the first film wasn't a fluke, the Deadpool sequel dethroned the top box office performer for the last three weeks running - a little-known flick called Avengers: Infinity War.

The latest film in the Avengers franchise took just $29m this weekend (rubbish, eh?), shoving it down a peg to second place.


‘Deadpool 2’ Is On Track To Dethrone 'Avengers: Infinity War’ At The Box Office

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Mind you, it's not like it's done badly - far from it. According to Forbes, the film has taken $1.8 billion worldwide since being released, making it the fourth-biggest grosser in the world, sitting just behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Titanic and Avatar.

The popularity of Deadpool 2 may at least be a good way for Ryan Reynolds to get his own back on the Avengers lot, having tweeted a joke rejection letter from the gang earlier this year.

The letter, which is signed 'Tony Stark' - the not-so-secret identity of Robert Downey Jr's character Iron Man - tells Deadpool 'absolutely not' when it comes to the idea of him joining the Avengers team.


Proving who's the bigger man, Reynolds captioned the photo: "From a guy who never knows when to quit, I'm glad you guys never did."

Showing he's not completely bitter, he added: "Congrats #Avengers."

Maybe they'll be wanting the Merc with the Mouth to join their club after all... Whether that's for his superhero credentials or his box office pull, either's applicable.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox/Walt Disney

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