Disney Plus Streaming Service Will Contain Entire Library Of Films

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Disney Plus Streaming Service Will Contain Entire Library Of Films

For the legions of Disney-obsessed children and adults across the world, it looks like upcoming streaming service, Disney Plus, could be the treasure trove of their dreams.

We always knew the service would be comprised of Disney films, of course, but they've made a hell of a lot of them down the decades, so we weren't sure which particular films would be made available.

Well, now none other than the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, has revealed it will include 'the entire Disney motion picture library'.

Speaking at a shareholders' meeting, he said the entire catalogue would be available 'at some point fairly soon after launch', adding that 'the movies that you speak of that traditionally have been kept in a 'vault' and brought out basically every few years will be on the service', according to Digital Trends.


Any Disney fan will tell you the opening of the so-called 'vault' is extremely exciting news. If you've never heard of this vault, you're probably imagining an actual magical vault, guarded by trolls and warlocks. In reality though, it's less of a mystical thing and more of a commercial thing. Basically, it's the name given to the company's policy of making individual films only available for a limited time period.

Currently, each of the 34 animated films that currently reside in the vault are released to the public every 10 years. Once all the copies are gone, the film then gets popped back in said imaginary vault.

This system keeps demand high, but is also undoubtedly frustrating for Disney fans. As such, the promise of access to 'the entire motion picture library' is bound to lure in Donald Duck disciples in their masses.


According to CNBC, analyst Alexia Quadrani told clients she expected the streaming service to be a success.


She said: "While there is little question there are more direct-to-consumer services today than ultimately should survive, we have no doubt that Disney+ remains on the short list of products that should prevail longer-term.

"Our confidence in the resilient success of Disney+ comes from the company's unmatched brand recognition, extensive premium content, and unparalleled ecosystem to market the service."

Disney Plus is due to launch in the US in Autumn.

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