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Ice Cube Reveals He's Finishing The Script For The New 'Friday' Movie

Ice Cube Reveals He's Finishing The Script For The New 'Friday' Movie

It's been 16 years since the last one came out and we're edging closer and closer to the fourth instalment

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

It's been 16 long years since we saw the last instalment to the Friday movie franchise starring the one and only Ice Cube.

But it seems as though all that waiting has not been in vain as Ice is edging close and close to the fourth chapter.

A fan asked the former rapper turned actor on social media when we can expect another movie and he replied that he's 'finishing script'. Not the most amount of information but hey, we'll take it.

It's been in the works since April last year and Ice confirmed that he was bringing people together for the project, telling Sports Illustrated: "We're close. Right now we're still writing the movie, making sure that's ahead of the curve and not behind the curve. But I believe we'll start shooting, hopefully by the end of this year."

The big question would be whether Chris Tucker would be up for starring in the fourth movie after appearing as Smokey in the first Friday film in 1995.

One person wrote: "If Smokey ain't in it we don't want it. We need closure lol."

Another added: "Pay Chris Tucker, give him a raise, and bring Smokey back though."

Tucker's stardom has well and truly skyrocketed so it would cost a pretty penny for him to sign on the dotted line.

But that appears to not be an issue to Ice, who added: "Well, we always been prepared to pay him. It's really on him. We got the money. It's just him wanting to do it and feeling like it's the right move for him."


In an interview with DJ Vlad, co-star John Witherspoon, who plays Ice's dad in the series, said that most of the main actors were only paid $5,000 for their time on the first Friday. So you can bet your bottom dollar they'll be asking for a bit more this time round.

There's a lot of pressure on Ice and his crew to make the best film possible as the Box Office would suggest that people are getting tired of the Craig Jones story.

The first instalment made $28.2 million, off the back of a budget of just $3.5m. The sequel, titled Next Friday, cost more ($11 million) but pulled in considerably more than the original ($59.8 million).

But the project to make the trilogy, Friday After Next, was made for a little less than the sequel and only netted $33.5 million

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema

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