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Keanu Reeves Trains With Navy SEAL For John Wick 3

Keanu Reeves Trains With Navy SEAL For John Wick 3

Before the third instalment of John Wick was filmed Keanu Reeves trained with Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan

Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca Shepherd

Everyone's favourite super assassin is back. That's right, John Wick will be hitting our screens once more in May and now we can see exactly how he's become the murder machine he is.

With thanks to Vigilance Elite and owner Shawn Ryan, a former Navy SEAL, we got to see Keanu Reeves - who plays John Wick - in all his training action.

The company uploaded the videos to their YouTube channel showing what tricks Reeves has up his sleeve when John Wick 3: Parabellum is released on May 16 (in the UK).

Shawn directs and instructs Reeves on how to stand and where to place his gun when entering a room. The pair go over foot placement and how to walk through a door by the looks of things.

Keanu Reeves during the training sesh.
YouTube/Vigilance Elite

The film's trailer got things going for us back in January but this ramps things up a notch or two.

In the new movie Wick has a $14 million bounty on his head and every assassin in the city after him.

Just before the trailer was released, a tweet emerged accompanied by a teaser shot of John Wick (Keanu Reeves) staring through a rain-soaked window of the Continental Hotel in New York City with cuts across his face.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.

The picture has been taken to show Wick on the outside of the hotel, and if you look closely the word 'Excommunicado' is written backwards on the glass.

This is a reference to the fact that Wick has been banished from the hotel, which had acted as a sort of safe space for members of NYC's varied criminal underclasses.

John got himself ejected from the hotel when he broke a central rule and killed the Italian mobster kingpin Santino D'Antonio within the confines of the hotel.

Chad Stahelski, the series' director, told Entertainment Weekly that this next film 'goes slightly north' of the previous one with regards to body count.

Also starring alongside Reeves in this latest film will be Halle Berry, she will portray a character called Sofia. Reeves told EW: "She [Sofia] has a past with John. I end up going to find her to see if she can help me.

Much like Wick - who embarked on a murderous vendetta after his dogs were killed - Berry's character also has a great love for our canine chums.

Reeves continued: "Whereas John's puppy was symbolic of his wife, Halle's two dogs are symbolic of someone she's lost."

Countdown is officially on.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Vigilance Elite

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