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Let’s Get Schwifty! ‘Rick And Morty’ Renewed For '70 More Episodes'

Let’s Get Schwifty! ‘Rick And Morty’ Renewed For '70 More Episodes'

There was some doubt as to whether we'd get another season but thankfully we've been given good news

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

After three incredible seasons, fans were literally dumbfounded when Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon revealed that Adult Swim hadn't renewed the show for a fourth instalment.

Like seriously? You saw what viewers did when they didn't get their Szechuan McNugget sauce - imagine what they'd do if they cancelled the series.

But thankfully, we've all been given the news that we've been patiently waiting for since season three wrapped up: there's more Rick and Morty on the way. LOTS MORE.

Harmon's partner in crime, Justin Roiland, has posted to Twitter that we're getting 70, yes seventy, more episodes of the brilliant, animated series. Whether that's a hyperbole or not, it doesn't matter, we're going to get to see the dynamic duo back in action.

In episode one of season three, Rick actually ranted to Morty saying he didn't care if it took him nine seasons to get his McNugget dipping sauce - so maybe this is reference to that.

In his tweet, Roiland said: "Looking forward to all the tweets asking where it is!"

That's referencing the seemingly endless number of messages he and Harmon get every day about where the hell is the announcement proclaiming more R&M.

Dan received this lovely message recently, which said: "Quit wasting time and go finish the next R&M season, you lazy alcoholic. Run the Jewels can get the animators to make a music video, but we're waiting on them for the next season? Nah, we're waiting on you to finish writing it, like that fuckin book."

The upset viewer was also referring to the seemingly endless wait that Game of Thrones readers have been experiencing for the final book.

Harmon replied, which also revealed another season hadn't been commissioned, saying: "I hear ya, tough spot. On one hand, it can be challenging, especially with crippling lazy alcoholism, to write a show that hasn't been ordered by a network. On the other hand, the thought that fans like you pay the price...I mean...I'm gonna grab a drink."

Rotten Tomatoes has a 97 percent rating for the animated show and it certainly holds its own against some of its competitors like Family Guy, The Simpsons and South Park.

It's won 12 awards and been nominated for a further fourteen - so I think we can all agree that 70 more episodes will give us plenty of material to work with.

There's no word on when the new season will come out but at least we know that there is one on the way.

Featured Image Credit: Adult Swim/Rick and Morty

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