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Ryan Reynolds To Reportedly Remake 'Home Alone' As A Stoner Comedy Film

Ryan Reynolds To Reportedly Remake 'Home Alone' As A Stoner Comedy Film

At least there might still be a role for Macaulay Culkin...

Tom Wood

Tom Wood

Not content with being the undisputed champion of online #Bantz, Ryan Reynolds is thinking of broadening his portfolio into stoner comedy re-makes of Christmas classics.

Don't worry, he's not planning on making a Die Hard reboot where John McClane permanently has a huge bifter hanging out of his mouth and Hans Gruber is an overly officious police officer, but he is talking about re-imagining Home Alone.

Yes, Deadline have reported that the man who brought us Deadpool and Deadpool 2 - let's face it, that's about it - is going to muster up all of his filmmaking chops to take on Macaulay Culkin's classic role and further explore the role of Kevin McAllister. It feels a bit like a trippy dream but who are we to argue with the reports.

The trick is, it's going to be called Stoned Alone instead of Home Alone, get it? How could a film that hangs on such a firm premise possibly fail?

OK, so we don't actually know if Reynolds is going to star in the lead role, but we do know that it's going to be written by Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, who brought us that timeless classic The Package.

Still not convinced? Well, they've signed Augustine Frizzell on to direct it, according to the Deadline report. If that doesn't impress you, then to be quite honest, you're not alone.

As for the plot, it looks like it will focus on a 20-something stoner, which might rule out Reynolds, who is left behind by his chums when they go on a skiing trip.

Our hero then returns home to partake in his favourite pastime, burning the devil's lettuce.

After obviously smoking one too many Barbados Bensons, he ends up being way too baked and becomes paranoid.

This leads him to the belief that some criminals, who may or may not be wearing fingerless gloves, are trying to break into his house.

As it turns out, he's not just being paranoid, and somebody really is trying to break it. This means that he must then defend his house against the home intruders, with presumably hilarious consequences.

What could possibly go wrong?


Like Deadpool, Stoned Alone is apparently going to be an R-Rated film, so we can expect scenes containing strong language and content that is not suitable for kids - such as pot smoking.

Hopefully this will lead onto a new genre of films that are remade, but with the main protagonist being high on some intoxicant or other.

Surely Schindler's Pissed and Smoke Crack Mountain can't be too far from Ryan Reynolds' brilliant mind.

Too far? Perhaps.

Featured Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

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