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​Season 5 Of 'Arrested Development' Now Has A Trailer And Release Date

​Season 5 Of 'Arrested Development' Now Has A Trailer And Release Date

The trailer is riddled with nods to classic moments from seasons past

Jess Hardiman

Jess Hardiman

The fifth season of hit comedy series Arrested Development not only has itself a shiny new release date, but also a trailer - and we're about as pumped as Steve Holt gets saying his own name.

Teasing the trailer with the tagline of 'This time the Bluths are all together. Whether they like it or not', Netflix announced that the new season would be dropping on 29 May - sooner than many of us initially thought, which is great news.

The trailer is riddled with nods to classic moments from seasons past. George Michael busts out that fake muscle suit once again, taking us back to those halcyon days of the first series. D'awww.

We also see smudges of blue paint on Tobias, which can of course only mean one thing: he blue himself again.


Lindsey's decided to run for Congress (exclaiming 'I want to be part of the problem!'), while the Bluths are also being given the accolade of 'Family of the Year'... an award that they're technically giving themselves.

Michael, of course, just looks exasperated.

From what we can see in the trailer, it looks as though the Arrested Development crew might just be trying to claw back the show's reputation after the season four revival, which was met with a mixed response from both critics and viewers.

It looks like this time round we'll not only see a return to the structure that we knew and loved from the original format, but also Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Portia de Rossi, Jeffrey Tambor, Tony Hale, Will Arnett, David Cross, Jessica Walter and Alia Shawkat will all be back to reprise their classic roles.

Speaking to NME recently, Cera opened up about what it was like to have the gang back together, saying: "It's so strange to be around all these people again.

"The strange thing is that I met the rest of the cast for the first time when I was 14, then years go by and we all get back together. Now more years have gone by and we're back again.


"It's a strange and confusing thing, but it's really fun. There's a lot of moments when we're all just laughing and having a good time. I had a one-on-one scene with Jason Bateman again recently and it was strange how familiar and comfortable it was.

"We know each other's rhythms without needing to discuss it. There's a common approach between us. I've definitely learned a lot from Jason. Since I was still a kid, I've developed my acting based on him."

When asked whether or not the fifth season would the show's last, Cera added: "I really don't know. Netflix seem to be completely behind the show so I'd imagine they'd be open to doing some more. I think everyone else would be game. We'll see."

STEVE HOLT! Man, we are so pumped.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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