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'South Park' Had To Make Last Minute Changes Following The US Election

'South Park' Had To Make Last Minute Changes Following The US Election

It's not often that South Park get things wrong. The iconic animation show has had some impressive hot takes on up-to-date politics over the years, but recently they got it in a mess.

Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker predicted that Hillary Clinton would win the US election and therefore made last night's episode revolve around the idea of Bill Clinton being 'The Very First Gentlemen'.

Unfortunately, the context had to change, but the amusing sketches involving Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton's gentleman's club stayed in. The title of the episode was changed to 'Oh Jeez', where some apparent ad-libs regarding Trump's election win were added in.


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Credit: South Park Digital Studios

The episode opens with the line: "Definitely a bit of a surprise here. Looks like America has voted for a change of pace."

At least we got the scene with Bill and Bill, just typical South Park content.

Featured image credit: South Park Digital Studios

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