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​Stan Lee Reckons Tom Holland Is A 'Great Spider-Man'

​Stan Lee Reckons Tom Holland Is A 'Great Spider-Man'

We've seen a fair few blokes play Spider-Man over the years, with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland among the most notable from the past decade or so.


But while we've all got our favourites, there's arguably no man more up for the job of passing judgement than Stan Lee - the cult star, former editor-in-chief of Marvel comics and, above all else, the co-creator of Spider-Man.

Turns out, he's given his seal of approval for the latest kid in the Spidey stable, taking to Twitter to share his praise for 21-year-old Tom Holland.

I mean, if you want to impress anyone in the superhero world, it's gonna be Stan Lee.


In a later tweet, Lee explained that he had difficulty getting the story of the teenage superhero published because of his links to those eight-legged freaks that we all know and hate.

He wrote: "When I first wrote Spider-Man my publisher said I was crazy because people hate spiders and insects and he was not going to publish it.

"But I never gave up, until it was published."

He added: "Never give up on your dreams."

In an interview with Time, Lee revealed that his publisher thought it was the 'worst idea' he'd ever heard.

Apparently his publisher had also told him that Spider-Man couldn't be a teenager because 'teenagers can only be sidekicks', and that he couldn't have 'personal problems' if he was supposed to be a superhero.

But Lee's argument was simply: "Don't you know who a superhero is?"

Obviously, the rest was history for our beloved web-slinger, who fast became Marvel's flagship superhero - and in 2014 became the highest-grossing licensed character, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

It seems LADbible readers are pretty into Tom Holland's portrayal, too, having recently voted him the best Spider-Man of all time with 47 percent of the vote.

Tobey didn't do badly in the poll, coming in at a respectable second place with 36 percent of the vote, but it was Holland who won out in the end - no doubt with his incredible recent performance in Avengers: Infinity War fresh in many people's minds.

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