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The Guy Who Brought You ‘The Human Centipede’ Is Back With A New Movie

Stewart Perrie

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The Guy Who Brought You ‘The Human Centipede’ Is Back With A New Movie

There are plenty of fucked up films that make you question how the hell they managed to get past the original pitch. Most people would agree that a series that definitely fits that bill is The Human Centipede - created by Tom Six.

Well it looks like Sixy isn't done with shocking audiences around the world with his messed-up ideas.

Nearly a decade since the first Human Centipede film debuted, the filmmaker is back with a new film titled The Onania Club. Now, you won't be alone in wondering what the hell type of 'club' this would specifically entail.


The word onania is an old word for masturbation, as well as the pull-out method that some attempt during sex, aka ejaculating outside the vagina so as to ensure no kids are created. (Unsurprisingly, experts tend to advise against this method, because it's stupid.)

It stems from the Bible in the Book of Genesis in a weird story where some bloke named Onan tries the 'onania' trick so he doesn't impregnate his brother's wife. Don't ask me why he was banging his sister-in-law, that's just where the word comes from.

So taking that understanding, you can probably deduce that if there's a club of people either masturbating or climaxing everywhere, you're going to get a graphic film - especially if it's created by Tom Six.


The movie is going to be set in Hollywood and will 'definitely pass the Bechdel test with flying colours'. That test asks whether 'a work of fiction features at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man'.

The actors who have signed on so far include Jessica Morris, Darcy DeMoss, Deborah Twiss, Karen Strassman, and Flo Lawrence.

According to Six, The Onania Club will be 'one of the most vile, inhumane movie experiences of all time'. Great - just great.


He's released a poster for the project which looks like an altered version of the Venus symbol for woman with the caption 'Come and See, See and Come'.

Unfortunately they're the only bits of information released so far and it will be very interesting to see the trailer when it drops. IMDb says the movie should be released in America this year but that's about as specific as it gets.

That's not the only film he's juggling at the moment either, as fans can expect to see another film entitled Enjoy some time next year. While that word might have positive connotations, we can safely assume that with Tom Six at the helm it will be far from a cheery watch.

Six said that it will be 'hilariously perverse, set in Europe' - how joyful.

Featured Image Credit: Six Entertainment

Topics: Entertainment, TV and Film, Horror, Weird

Stewart Perrie
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