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There's A New Cannibal Film On Netflix And It Looks Messed Up

There's A New Cannibal Film On Netflix And It Looks Messed Up

Jason Momoa takes the lead in the movie.

Mark McGowan

Mark McGowan

It's pretty much fact that when it comes to films about cannibals, Silence of the Lambs is the best.

It's hard to compare other films of the same nature to it. However, Netflix have had a go, and The Bad Batch is receiving a bit of attention.

Starring Jason Momoa, Suki Waterhouse, Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey, the film is described as 'bloody and visceral as an R rating will allow', and is set in a a post-apocalyptic America.

Credit: Netflix/The Bad Batch

In the film, people are exiled to the desert when they're deemed unfit for society. In the desert, though, there are areas considered to no longer be a part of the US, meaning there are no laws.

Because of this, people eat people, as you do, to survive. The place is crawling with them, like hipsters descending upon a bar that only plays Ska music.

Eventually the characters seek solitude at a rave in a place called Comfort, which is led by Keanu Reeves' character.

All in all it seems weird enough that it'll get you on the edge of your seat, freak you out, but then make you want to watch it all over again.

Credit: Netflix/The Bad Batch

Similar hype was made about another cannibal film last year, called Raw.

Movie goers at the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival reportedly found the film so difficult to watch that paramedics had to be called.

A number of people who attended a midnight screening of the body-horror film are said to have required medical attention after they fainted.

Ryan Werner, who is in charge of the movie's marketing in Toronto, told The Hollywood Reporter that an ambulance had to be called to the cinema, saying the film 'became too much for a couple patrons'.

The French-language film, written and directed by first-time filmmaker Julie Ducournau, follows Justine, a young vegetarian veterinary student, who is played by Garance Marillier, as she gradually turns to cannibalism.

Credit: Toronto International Film Festival

Speaking to IndieWire ahead of the Toronto Film Festival premiere of the film, Ducournau said: "I want to hear this particular audience reacting. I want to see where they will be reacting. I am very curious. It's like being judged by my peers, because myself, I am a huge horror buff."

For anyone interested in seeing it, Focus World, the art house film division of NBCUniversal, has bought the distribution rights to the film and it will be released at a later date.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix/The Bad Batch

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