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‘Walking Dead’ And ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover Is Finally Happening

‘Walking Dead’ And ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover Is Finally Happening

Producers of Fear The Walking Dead have been denying that there would be a crossover with its big brother The Walking Dead ever since it debuted two years ago. However fans have been given the most concrete news that the writers have definitely planned a link between the two zombie TV shows.

Robert Kirkman, executive producer for The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, made the big reveal at the New York Comic Con, telling the crowd: "I'll say this: There are two Walking Dead shows. One character is going to go from one show that I will not name and appear on another show that I will not name."


The question now is - who?

"We've finally gotten to a place [with Fear the Walking Dead] where we can play with some things," said Kirkman, who wrote the comic books which inspired the gory and much-loved show.

He's certainly changed his tune from a Comic Con in July when he said: "Fear the Walking Dead takes place roughly around the time of Season 1 and beginning of Season 2 in The Walking Dead. Walking Dead Season 8 is taking place with the theoretical Fear the Walking Dead Season 7.... Right now, the timelines are so different that it's impossible."


Fair enough, that's a very logistical issue. The cast and crew behind the latest season of Game of Thrones were struck with plenty questions about continuity, as some characters would miraculously travel long distances (yes, dragons can fly fast, but not that fast) in virtually no time at all.

So, it's understandable that The Walking Dead team want to ground the show in as much reality as possible, regardless of the fact that it's about zombies. But maybe they're planning this crossover because it's something fans have called for, for a long time.

Now people are speculating what form the link will make - maybe we're talking a flashback, or a flashforward? Will someone appearing on the other show be a spoiler?

It's fan theory time!

Kim Dickens' Madison Clark has a southern accent, making people think that she might be related to someone on the original show which was based in Georgia and now Virginia.

Dickens herself said at San Diego Comic Con in July that "I think Madison is, probably, might be related to Daryl Dixon."

Kirkman said that all the information will be revealed in good time: "We're very excited about this, and there's going to be some more news on this front in the coming months, so please stay tuned to what they call the Internet."

Hurry up already!

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