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Daniel Radcliffe movie where he played ‘farting corpse’ caused cinemagoers to walk out

Daniel Radcliffe movie where he played ‘farting corpse’ caused cinemagoers to walk out

Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano's Swiss Army Man proved too much for some audience members

Daniel Radcliffe once played a washed-up ‘farting corpse’, which proved to be too much for some viewers.

Five years after the the last Harry Potter film was released, Radcliffe showed fans a new side to his acting repertoire in A24's Swiss Army Man.

While some called it a masterpiece, others walked out of the cinema.

Take a look at the unique trailer below:

*Content warning - video below shows references of potential suicide*

2016's Swiss Army Man follows a young man called Hank (Paul Dano) who is stranded on a deserted island without hope.

As a rope hangs around his neck, Hank prepares to end it all, until he suddenly spots a 'farting corpse' (Radcliffe) laying by the shore.

Unfortunately, he is dead and quite flatulent. Using the gassy body to his advantage, Hank miraculously makes it back to the mainland.

However, he now finds himself lost in the wilderness, and dragging the talking corpse, named Manny, along for the adventure.

Daniel Radcliffe once played a washed-up ‘farting corpse’.

The movie - directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert - was highly anticipated at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival in Utah, however, a reviewer for Vulture wrote there 'was a constant stream of walkouts' at the festival.

Dubbed by Esquire as 'the longest fart joke in film history', the movie certainly divided the crowd.

With a 73 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, one critic called it 'one of the wildest films you will ever see!'.

"Overall, Swiss Army Man is different in the best way - great performances, beautifully shot and is unlike anything that has come before," Katie Smith-Wong of Flick Feast thought.

While Ryan Syrek of The Reader said: "Ultimately, somewhere between the profound and profane, Daniels has made what is inarguably one of the most original films of the year, an accomplishment unto itself."

"This story of a hopeless man and his dead buddy is a tale of friendship and what it means to be alive, really and truly alive," Canadian film critic Richard Crouse said.

The movie certainly divided opinions.

On the other hand, Rachel Wagner of, argued: "Radcliffe deserves credit for his performance but it's not for me."

Matt Brunson of Film Frenzy added: "Alas, Swiss Army Man isn't the cinematic savior we required."

Speaking on the challenges of making such a film, Radcliffe said at the premiere: "How can I look dead and look slightly embarrassed at the same time or, you know, what does that look like?"

"So there was a lot of that to be worked out, but 90% of that came from being in the room with Paul and the directors."

"We had a good time," Dano added.

"When you see it, we get to do some fun stuff, we get to do some silly stuff.

"I spent like five weeks carrying Dan around."

Featured Image Credit: A24

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