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'Dewey' actor appeared in one of the best Christmas films of all time before disappearing from Hollywood

'Dewey' actor appeared in one of the best Christmas films of all time before disappearing from Hollywood

'Dewey' from Malcolm in the Middle quit acting a long time ago

After the recent reunion between Malcolm in the Middle stars Frankie Muniz and Bryan Cranston warmed our hearts, some have been wondering where the rest of the sitcom family are.

Muniz and Cranston shared a big hug together when they met again recently, though they haven't lost touch in the years since Malcolm in the Middle ended.

They still sometimes get asked about a potential cast reunion for the show - though Muniz was pretty honest after a fan put a popular question to him.

Fans of Malcolm in the Middle often want to know what happened to Erik Per Sullivan, the actor who played Dewey in the show.

The world hasn't heard much from Erik since the show ended and his acting career didn't last much longer after it was over, as he'd only made a handful of other appearances in projects before appearing to step back from the job.

Erik Per Sullivan at the premiere of Christmas With the Kranks.
Jim Spellman/WireImage/Getty

Muniz told fans that he doesn't know what Per Sullivan is up to these days, though he did explain that he was still occasionally in touch with his co-star's parents.

Living a normal life out of the harsh glare of the spotlight is the preferred outcome for some, though if you've been doing the Christmas movie rounds this December, then you might have seen the Malcolm in the Middle star in one of them.

He appeared in the 2004 festive film Christmas With the Kranks, where Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis star as a couple who decide not to do Christmas one year after their daughter leaves home for the holidays.

In the movie, Per Sullivan plays Spike, one of the neighbourhood kids who ends up involved with the spat that breaks out on their street when everyone else thinks the family is mad for not doing Christmas that year.

The movie didn't do very well with the critics, notching just five percent positive reviews according to Rotten Tomatoes, but pretty much every Christmas film is someone's favourite.

Then again, if you are planning on giving it a watch we'd recommend you do so pretty soon-ish otherwise you'll be watching Christmas movies outside of the festive season and we all know how strange that is.

Erik Per Sullivan's other movie credits include providing the voice for Sheldon, a small seahorse in Finding Nemo.

According to IMDb, his last acting credit came in 2010 - four years after Malcolm in the Middle ended, and he's not been in anything else since then.

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