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Film described as 'Jigsaw meets Hostel' with ‘insane’ plot twist is making people’s head fall off

Film described as 'Jigsaw meets Hostel' with ‘insane’ plot twist is making people’s head fall off

Fans have said the ending made their 'jaws drop'

Horror fans have been urged to check out a little-known movie that's been compared to Jigsaw and Hostel.

The 2020 movie is called Follow Me or No Escape, depending on where you live in the world, and viewers claim it made their ‘jaw drop’. You can check out a trailer here:

No Escape centres on social media influencer Cole Turner (played by Keegan Allen), who flies out to Moscow with his pals to check out an escape room that he was invited to by a wealthy Russian businessman - but things soon take a dark turn for Cole and his friends.

TikTok user @theotherwatchedlist recently recommended the flick to her followers saying: “If you’re looking for a movie with an insane plot twist, then you have to watch No Escape.

“I’m not going to spoil anything but let me give you a small synopsis of what’s going on - so it follows the story of a social media influencer and his friends and they decide to go to Moscow to do this insane escape room. And this particular escape room is supposed to be one of the most extreme ones to experience in the entire world.

No Escape has been described as ‘Jigsaw meets Hostel’.
Vertical Entertainment

“But once they start the game, things take a very sinister turn - and I’m telling you now whatever you’re guessing is going to happen, is completely wrong; by the end of the movie you’re going to have to pick your jaw up off the ground.”

And her followers were quick to agree with one person saying: “This movie was absolutely amazing like I can’t pick up my jaw from the floor. What an amazing, amazing movie, really good recommendation.”

Another said: “The way i called the plot twist but still didn't expect it. Hands down the best movie I've watched this year. Thank you for the recommendation.”

Viewers said their ‘jaws dropped’ at the movie’s shock ending.
Vertical Entertainment

A third commented: “Actually enjoyed this movie. You can kinda predict or think you know how it's going to end or what is going on but then oh no.”

While someone else said: “Escape Room meets Jigsaw meets Hostel meets The Game. The main character is not super enjoyable but overall not horrible.”

For what it’s worth, the movie hasn’t exactly set the world alight over on IMBD where it holds a so-so 5.4 out of 10, but one reviewer does brand it ‘Escape Room meets Hostel for the digital age’.

If you fancy finding out for yourself, No Escape is available to stream on Prime Video - but a quick heads up for British viewers its called Follow Me.

Featured Image Credit: Vertical Entertainment / Escape Productions

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