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Saltburn viewers point out major plot hole in the movie

Saltburn viewers point out major plot hole in the movie

Everyone's talking about Saltburn right now

Viewers of one of the most talked about films right now are pointing out a major plot hole.

Saltburn has been causing family arguments this Christmas after it became available to stream for free with all its wild scenes.

From Barry Keoghan drinking up Jacob Elordi’s ‘c*m’ in the bath to him humping the ground of a cemetery, it’s been leaving viewers stunned.

While others have been far more distracted by the sounds of Flo Rida and the viewing of a certain film with Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and Michael Cera.

Yeah, Superbad, obviously.

Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn sees Oxford University student Oliver Quick (Keoghan) invited to his mate Felix Catton’s (Elordi) family estate for the summer.

And when the movie kicks off it’s set in 2006, with the wild summertime said to be in 2007.

Except that doesn’t quite work out in the timeline of real life pop culture, as viewers are pointing out on X.

The Irish actor's bath tub scene certainly stuck out for some people.
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/Amazon MGM Studios/Warner Bros

If you’ve sat through the ‘most disturbing’ film of the year, you’ll know there’s a scene where they karaoke to Flo Rida’s noughties hit ‘Low’.

But this debut song from the rapper wasn’t released until October 2007, as users pointed out: “Low by Flo Rida was released in 2007 yet they sing it on karaoke in 2006.

“Another reason I hate the film Saltburn.

Other users added: “I enjoyed Saltburn but how can it be set in 2006 when ‘Low’ by Flo Rida didn’t drop until late 2007…”

One tried to come up with some reasoning as they added: “The film opens with the first night at Oxford, so September 2006. The party where Henry is singing ‘Low’ takes place the following summer, ie 2007.”

But that still didn’t add up as another replied: “’Low’ came out in October 2007…

Superbad was released in 2007.
Columbia Pictures

“Also how come they are watching Superbad when it came out in 2007. An absolute embarrassment.”

Superbad was released in September 2007 in the UK so the timeline doesn’t add up if Oliver’s first meeting with the family took place in early summer.

The Cattons are cackling away at the film in the Saltburn library and director Fennell is claiming it was a screener ahead of release.

She explained to Letterboxd: “This film takes place in the summer of 2007, which was also when Superbad came out in the movie theatres in Britain.

“And so for those people who are concerned about timings, we decided on the day that Rosamund had a friend who was a member of the Academy who had a screener. So don't worry, guys. I know everyone frets about things being real, but I did do my homework!"

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