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Interstellar fans seriously divided over concept for movie prequel

Interstellar fans seriously divided over concept for movie prequel

As great as the film was, many think it should be left alone

It's been almost a decade since Interstellar released, and fans of the movie are still wondering whether they might get some more content.

The Christopher Nolan epic appeared to be very much a 'one and done' job, but that hasn't stopped some hopeful fans from wondering what might happen if their show was revived as a series.

Prestige television is all the rage these days, and Interstellar was a blooming popular film, but even those who loved the movie might think that enough was enough.

Over on the movie's subreddit, one fan asked whether or not people would like to see some sort of prequel to Interstellar, suggesting that the dozen journeys on the movie's 'Lazarus' missions could be adapted into a series.

Just to recap you if you've not seen the films for a while, humanity is facing a global famine and we're trying to look for a new planet to live on.

Do we want to see them again? (Paramount)
Do we want to see them again? (Paramount)

Luckily, humanity has found a wormhole they can travel through to another part of the galaxy, and a dozen explorers went through it in search of new life-sustaining planets.

These are the Lazarus missions, and in Interstellar we only see the end result of a few of the expeditions.

A total of three worlds out of a dozen were marked as potentially suitable for habitation, which is what the 'Endurance' mission which forms the main plot of Interstellar sets out to search for.

Along the way they find out the fate of some of the explorers, but don't manage to track them all down.

Fancy a prequel about this bunch? Or is it better not to know? (Paramount)
Fancy a prequel about this bunch? Or is it better not to know? (Paramount)

It's here that a fan thinks a prequel series might be in order, suggesting that if there was ever space to follow up Interstellar with something else it's a series on the Lazarus missions.

However, it's split fans of the movie, many of which reckon that it's best to leave things where they are.

"As much as it pains me to say... no thanks. The story is done, it's been told masterfully, and nothing more is needed," one fan wrote, while another agreed that 'the story isn’t about them, it’s about Cooper, Murphy, and love'.

Someone else said they 'love the thought of more Interstellar content' but reckoned 'the masterpiece should be left alone'.

Others who were more on board with the idea said it wouldn't 'tarnish the legacy of the original' and expressed an interest in seeing 'a prequel series showing how the world went to complete s**t'.

What do you think? Should Interstellar make a comeback or should it be left the way it is?

Featured Image Credit: Paramount

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